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History of Academy Branch

The Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA) was established in 1964 to meet the urgent need for an autonomous institution for the training of officer-cadets for the Nigerian Armed Forces. Previously, the Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst, UK and the Indian Academy, mainly provided the necessary military and academic training for the granting of commission into the Nigerian Armed Forces.

The Academic Branch of the NDA basically handles the academic component of training. For purposes of academic training, NDA was, at inception, affiliated to the University of Ibadan. To ensure that proper standards were maintained, the University moderated the then Nigerian Defence Academy Certificate of Education (NDACE) examination which each Cadet was expected to pass as part of the requirements for obtaining a commission. NDACE was rated as the equivalent of the General Certificate of Education (Advanced Level).

Following the upgrading of the Academy to a degree awarding institution with the powers to award its own degree in 1985, the Academic Branch was expanded to handle the degree awarding component of the NDA. The Academic Branch of the Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA) performs the basic functions of a conventional university.  It conducts the 4-year bachelor degree and postgraduate (PG) programmes in accordance with the highest standard set by the National Universities Commission.  The academic content of cadets training is geared towards producing well rounded officers with requisite intellectual, leadership and academic ability.  The training is also designed to meet the demands of modern military imperatives such as modern warfare and challenges of leadership/management in a contemporary world.  On the other hand, the PG programmes are open to both military officers and civilians and geared towards producing high level manpower required to move the Nigerian socio-economic and political development forward.

The Academy Provost is the Head of the Academic Branch. The Academy Provost is responsible to the Commandant for the co-ordination of all academic and administrative activities of the Academic Branch. From 1985 to date, the Nigerian Defence Academy has had 6 Academy Provosts with Professor Azubuike Sonny Nwankwo as the current Academy Provost.

The Academic Branch has continued to perform the basic functions of a conventional university which includes teaching, research and community service. It has continued to conduct the bachelor and postgraduate degree programmes in accordance with the highest standard prescribed by the NUC. Additionally, the Registry carries out all administrative functions as obtained in conventional universities. The Academic Branch acknowledges with gratitude the tremendous support it enjoys from the Commandant. The support of the NUC, COREN and TETFund in enhancing the quality of academic training is also acknowledged. The Branch is determined to leverage on the support to further enhance its service delivery.

Mission Statement

The mission statement of the Academic Branch, which is anchored on the Academy’s broad mission, is “to deliver a well packaged academic curricula in line with the National Universities Commission Benchmark Minimum Academic Standard for all programmes with a view to transforming NDA into one of the leading military universities in Africa and the world at large”.

Our Function

The primary functions of the Branch as a university are teaching, research, community development and services. The upgrading of the Academy to a degree awarding institution was in keeping with the trends in many parts of the world. The aimed is to produce well-trained officers with requisite intellectual, leadership and academic ability capable of meeting, the demands of modern military imperatives such as modern warfare and challenges of leadership and management in a contemporary world. Consequently, the curricula of studies were reviewed to reflect this new role.

Chronicle of  Academy Provost

S/N Name Date Assumed Duty End of Tenure
1. Prof SC Ukpabi BA; MA. 1 Jun 85 31 May 92
2. Prof M Jibril BA; MA; PhD 1 Aug 92 30 Jun 96
3. Prof SU Abdullahi DVM; PhD; FIM; mni 1 Jul 96 30 Jun 04
4. Prof A Abdullahi BSc; MSc; PhD; FSTAN; MNAE 1 Jul 04 13 Aug 12
5 Prof SO Okeniyi PhD;FCSN;FICCON (Ag) 13 Aug12 01 Feb 15
6. Prof AS Nwankwo PhD; FCIM; FHEA;FRSA 02 Feb 15 To Date