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The Academy Registry

Welcome Message

Brig. Gen AA Aboaba
Academy Registrar

I have the utmost pleasure to welcome you to Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA).  Registry is the hub of administration in the Academic Branch, the Registry provides essential administrative support services required to drive the academic processes of teaching, research and community service.  Consistent with NDA’s status as a military university, the Registry also administers all civilian staff from recruitment to retirement.As the link between the Academic Branch and other arms of NDA, the Registry is the melting pot of integration between academic and military training. As the custodian of the Academy rules and regulations, the Registry is strategically placed to facilitate the accomplishment of the Academy’s vision and mission.Broadly speaking, the Academy Registrar is the Chief Administrative Officer of the Academic Branch. He is statutorily responsible to the Commandant for the day to administrative duties of the Branch. The Academy Registrar is the Secretary to the Academy Board, the Academic Committee (Senate), Appointments and Promotions Committee, Academic Durbar (Congregation), Convocation and other statutory committees.


Our Goals

The Registry goals is derived from the overarching mission of the Academy which are two-fold:

  • To provide quality administrative service to faculties, staff, cadets and other stakeholders while safeguarding the integrity and accuracy of academic records.
  • To progressively improve our administrative processes and support services in accordance with the dynamics or changing needs of the Academy and expectations of the cadets, staff and the general public that we serve.

Core Values

Our core values are anchored oncore values

  • Friendliness,
  • Integrity,
  • Timeliness,
  • Meticulousness and
  • Efficiency,

with the acronym “FITME”.

About Us

About the Registry

Academy libraryEstablished in 1964, the Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA) provides military officer training for the Nigerian Armed Forces.   For every organization, great energy and focus come through alignment with a guiding purpose.   Thus, the Academy’s as conceived by its founding fathers is “to provide each officer cadet with the knowledge, skills and values necessary to meet the requirements of a military officer through military, academic and character development”.

In line with NDA’s mission, the officer cadets were given academic training leading to the award of the Nigerian Defence Academy Certificate of Education (NDACE) and Advanced Level General Certificate of Education (GCE). The programme was then administered by the Directorate of Studies in the Academic Branch.  However, following NDA’s upgrading to a degree awarding institution in 1985, structures similar to what obtains in conventional universities were created to facilitate effective running of the degree programme.  Consequently, the Registry came into being in 1985 to replace the Directorate of Studies.  A civilian administrator was appointed as the pioneer civilian Academic Registrar to work with the then newly appointed Academy Provost who is head of the Academic Branch.






Brief History

The Registry commenced activities with a simple administrative structure made up of one Senior Assistant Registrar, one Assistant Registrar and an Administrative Officer.  The initial tasks of the Registry included drafting relevant administrative documents such as the NDA Enabling Decree, Regulations Governing Conditions of Service of Staff (Senior and Junior), Cadets Handbook for Academic Matters and Academic Regulations, among others.  It also conducted the yearly entrance examinations at different centres across the country and coordinated the admission of cadets into NDA working in concert with the Armed Forces Selection Board. Other administrative duties included the facilitation of semester examinations, management of cadets’ academic records, course registrations, civilian staff appointments and promotions, training, discipline and welfare. The Registry also provides secretarial services to all units of administration as obtained in conventional universities. Furthermore, the Registry working in concert with the Office of the Academy Provost and the Directorate of Academic Planning ensures the maintenance of quality assurance through adherence to the Benchmark Minimum Academic Standards prescribed by the National Universities Commission (NUC). It ensures that liaison is maintained with other conventional universities and higher education stakeholders at home and abroad so as to key into global best practices in university administration.  Additionally, the Registry is responsible for coordinating the meeting of the NDA Council including drafting of memoranda and taking follow up actions.  It also facilitates the logistics provisioning for the Academic Branch amongst others.

Contact Us

The Academy Registry,

Nigerian Defence Academy,

PMB 2109,

Kaduna, Kaduna State.

Our Expansion

Growth of the Registry

Since 1985 to date, the Registry has grown in size, structure and complexity.  The designation of its head was changed from Academic Registrar to Academy Registrar in 1989 in line with the provisions of NDA Decree 24 of 1995 which had retrospective effect from 1984.  At that time, only the post of one Deputy Registrar existed till year 2000 when a second position was created.  The Registry currently has 6 Deputy Registrars and 3 military Staff Officers Grades I, 2 and 3 allocated to the Army, Air Force and Navy respectively who are directly responsible to the Academy Registrar. The staff strength of the Registry Department has gradually grown over the years to meet its new challenges with a corresponding expansion of the Establishment.  At present it has over 70 senior and junior staff excluding those deployed to assist in staff administration in Directorates, Faculties and Postgraduate School.



To carry out its functions, the Registry is tasked-organized into the Office of the Academy Registrar with the established rank of Brigadier General and 5 main Units each headed by a Deputy Registrar.  The units include:

  • Admissions and Cadets Matters.
  • Council and General Administration.
  • Establishment and Training.
  • Examinations and Records.

There is also a Deputy Registrar in the PG School who functions as the Secretary of the School and reports to both the Dean PG School and the Academy Registrar.


Council/General Administration Unit

The NDA Council is the highest decision making organ in the Academy governance structure.  It is headed by the Honourable Minister of Defence, with the Chief of Defence Staff, Service Chiefs and the Commandant as members.  The Permanent Secretary Ministry of Defence is a member/secretary.  However, the secretariat of the Governing Council is shared between the MOD and NDA Registry.  The Council/General Administration Unit supports the Academy Registrar in servicing the Council.  In broad terms, the unit is responsible for the following:

NDA Governing Council matters through compiling, initiating and drafting of memoranda, arranging for meetings, producing synopses of decisions to fast track implementation of decisions locally and taking follow up actions.

  • Production of NDA Academic Branch News Bulletin on annual basis.
  • Facilitating logistics provisioning for the Academic Branch.
  • Oversight of Faculty Officers and Branch Officers.
  • Welfare of staff such as leave and passes and the administration of welfare schemes like the Contributory Pension, National Housing Fund, Group Life Assurance and National Health Insurance, amongst others.
  • Issuance of staff ID cards.
  • Staff discipline through enforcement of relevant provisions contained in extant regulations and providing the secretariat for the senior and junior staff disciplinary committees respectively.
  • Common services.
  • Producing executive summaries of reports for consideration by appropriate superior authorities.
  • Drafting of speeches and allied matters.
  • Active participation in organizing Academic Branch events.
  • Maintenance of Registry stores.

Other Staff of the Unit

 The other staff in the unit include the following:

  1. Mrs Z Bello –  Principal Executive Officer I (Admin)/National Health Insurance Scheme Desk Officer
  2. Mr U Hutton    –       Assistant Registrar/Pension Desk Officer
  3. Mrs J Odumu –       Assistant Registrar/National Housing Fund Scheme Desk Officer
  4. Mr P Ajie –       Administrative Officer
  5. Mr CB Ikpi –       Chief Secretarial Assistant
  6. Mrs E Oloyede-      Assistant Chief Computer Operator
  7. Mr S Odihi –   Senior Store Officer
  8. Mrs Z Grema –   Higher Executive Officer
  9. Mr S Ngada –   Clerical Officer

Amongst other things, our goal is to ensure the smooth functioning of the Academic Branch as will enable it deliver on its mission.   By attending to their welfare needs, the unit also sees to it that staff are well motivated and remain happy while in service and after retirement.