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Centre for Defence Studies and Documentation

Welcome Message

You are welcome to the Centre for Defence Studies and Documentation, the foremost hub of defence research, archiving and documentation in the Academy. We opened our doors in 2006, and have continued to wax stronger since our inception.

We work to meet the needs of our core constituency – the Nigerian defence establishment – and generate knowledge and resources that advance the frontiers of knowledge in defence, security and strategic studies.

The Centre has successfully won competitive grants from both local and foreign funding agencies. We also develop and manage both regular and bespoke courses and projects in the areas of defence, security and strategic studies to meet the needs of our diverse clientele.

About Us

The Centre for Defence Studies and Documentation (CDSD) is the oldest research centre in the Academy, established in 2006, to provide a flagship centre of excellence in defence and security studies through research and documentation of wars, conflicts, military campaigns and complex military operations. The Centre also seeks to provide a forum for scholars, experts, students, practitioners and other stakeholders to discuss issues and best practices on defence and security, in Nigeria, Africa and the global arena. Situated in the serenity of the Ribadu Campus of the Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA), the Centre is positioned to provide critical information, policy input and research output on defence and security in Nigeria and the world at large.  In addition to research and publication, the Centre is designed to provide a conducive environment for conferences, workshops, refresher courses that will meet the needs of AFN.

The Mission of the Centre is “to become a resource base and research platform in Defence and Security Studies for administrators, educators, policy-practitioners, researchers, governmental and non-governmental organizations; and these will be founded on teaching and learning, theoretical and applied research, simulation and field exercises and pilot projects so as to enhance the peace and stability of Nigeria, Africa and the world.” On the other hand, the Vision of the Centre is “To become a foremost Centre for Defence Studies and Documentation in Sub-Saharan Africa in terms of pedagogy, research, publication and documentation that will inform knowledge and policy practice that will enhance and fortify Nigerian defence and security.”

Centre Management Team

CDSD is led by Prof UA Tar which assumed office in May 2016. The Head of Centre (HOC) is assisted by a team of academic and administrative staff, and external affiliates. The Head of Centre is a full Professor. The Centre has 8 Administrative staff and over 20 resident, visiting and collaborative partners who, together, work to develop projects and manage projects on behalf of the Academy.

Strategic Outlook and Outreach of CDSD

CDSD has established an enduring partnership with a number of institutional partners to enable it discharge its activities. CDSD has maintained a steady pool of researchers and scholars (staff) based in the four faculties of the Academy (FASS, FS, FE and FMSIS) and sister research centres. The Centre’s affiliated staffs are being encouraged to explore research grants and promote the Academy brand, and have, so far, provided a solid base for Centre’s activities.
The Centre has ongoing partnership with a number of Local partners: Victim Support Fund (VSF); Armed Forces Command and Staff College (AFCSC), National Defence College (NDC), Ahmadu Bello University Zaria (ABU), University of Ibadan (UI), American University of Nigeria, Yola (AUN), Nigerian Institute for International Affairs (NIIA), National Institute for Policy and Strategic Studies (NIPSS), Institute for Peace and Conflict Resolution (IPCR) etc. In addition, the Centre has leveraged on existing partnerships between the Academy and a number of foreign partners: Kings College London, University of Bradford (Department of Peace and Development Studies), University of South Africa (Archie Mafeje Institute), University of Michigan-Flint (Department of Political Science & Department of Africana Studies), USA and West African Centre for Counter-Extremism, Accra, Ghana among others.

Core Research Priorities

The broad priorities of CDSD are:
a. Nigeria’s national defence and security
b. Regional defence and security in Africa and elsewhere
c. International security

The specific priorities of CDSD are:
a. Defence management and organisation
b. Defence industry, procurement and supply chain management
c. Documentation of complex military operations and low intensity conflicts.
d. Memorials and biographies of “Our Heroes Past”
e. Military educational curriculum and pedagogy
f. New security challenges
g. Radicalisation and de-radicalisation
h. Biotechnology for defence applications
i. Geographic Information Systems for defence and security applications
j. ICT, Cyber-security and “Smart Defence”

Achievements of  the Centre

The following achievements have been recorded for the period under review:

Income Generation

In the area of income generation, the following achievements have been recorded for the period under review. These achievements are captured under the following sub-heads: current cash flow; future financial projection; successful bids; pending bids; and failed bids.
In 2017/2018, the Centre recorded a net cash flow of Eighty One Million and Three Hundred Thousand Naira only (N81.3 million). These include the TETFUND’s National Research Fund (NRF) worth Four Million, Seven Hundred Thousand Naira (N4.7 Million) for a project titled “Defence Transformation and the Consolidation of Democracy in Nigeria”. The project has been brought to successful conclusion, and the final report has been submitted to TETFUND. In addition, in December 2017 the Centre attracted One Million Naira (N1 Million) under the NDA Research Grant for a project titled “Synergy between Military and Civilian Instructors towards improving Professional Military Education in the Nigerian Defence Academy”.

Also, in April 2018 the Centre attracted a grant worth Seventy Five Million, Eight Hundred Thousand Naira (N75.8 Million) from the Victims Support Fund (VSF) for a joint research titled “Insurgency and Counter –Insurgency in Nigeria: Critical Perspectives on Boko Haram.” This is based on a Memorandum of Understanding between NDA and VSF signed on 12 Apr 18. Under the MOU, VSF takes direct control of the financial disbursement for this project: funds are released on the basis of specific activities after which the Centre provides a full statement of account on the specific activity. On the other hand, NDA is to provide the research base and facilities for conducting the research.


The Centre is working assiduously on four (4) conferences workshops in the pipeline, while one workshop has been successfully executed:
a. National Conference on Geographic information system (GIS), Air power and National Defence and security in Nigeria. This conference will be organized with the support of NAF HQ and NASRD.
b. International Conference on Radicalisation, De-radicalisation and National Security in Nigeria. The concept note and supporting documents for this conference is being developed. c. International Conference on Biotechnology for Defence and Security in Africa to be organised by NDA in partnership with National Biotech Agency and Biotechnology Society of Nigeria.
d. National conference and stakeholder submit on Confronting Transnational Threats to National Defence and security in Nigeria. The objectives of the conference are: to critically examine the nature, scope, content and character of transnational threat to Nigeria’s national security: to identify and diagnose the factors responsible for security perennial nature of conflict in Nigeria: to examine why and how transnational threats and conflicts have festered in Nigeria: to examine the challenges confronting military and Para-military agencies and MDAs in securing Nigeria and to proffer policy situations on the best practices for securing Nigeria. CDSD is taking informal action to seek funding and approval to host the conference.
f.  International Conference on Defence and Security in the Era of New security challenges. The International Conference will bring together, academicians, professionals, bureaucrats and technocrats from various fields and across states for a robust debate on the overall challenges of Defence studies and documentation in Nigeria and globally and to open a new frontier that will allow researchers easy access to unclassified information on complex military operations, audio-visual materials, manuals and memoirs of military professionals and key roles played by individuals/groups, prosecution of a given military engagement, casualty rate, backup and redeployments: users to reliably communicate with the past using evidence on documented facts that will be plough in by our participants: for chronology  of Nigerian defence  engagements, its gains and consequences: for an appraisal of Nigerian defence policy and practice within successive civilian administration and to collate all resource used in the conference for reference purpose and knowledge transfer.
g. The Centre organised the Methodology under the Research Grant titled Insurgency and Counter-Insurgency in Nigeria: Critical Perspectives on Boko Haram funded by VSF. The Workshop was held on 14-17 Aug 18, and attracted 160 participants from Nigeria and overseas.

Short Courses to be Floated by the Centre

In liaison with Academic Department and NDA Consult Ltd, the Centre is finishing work on a number of short and refresher courses for strategic MDA:
i. Certificate in Cyber-Security;
ii. Certificate in Strategic Communication;
iii. Certificate in Crime Control and Law Enforcement;
iv. Certificate in Radicalisation and De-radicalisation;
v. Certificate in GIS and Warfare;
vi. Certificate in Security Management;
vii. Certificate in Intelligence Management, Civil-Military Relations, community policing, police public Relations


Book Projects and Policy Output

The following are book projects being executed

Completed Book Projects

  • Tar UA (2017) (Ed). Defence Transformation and the Consolidation of Democracy in Nigeria. Kaduna: Academy Publishers (ISBN 978-978-54893-3-0). This is the output of a TETFund sponsored project.
  • Tar UA, Mijah BE and Tedheke MEU (2016) (Eds.) Globalisation in Africa: Perspectives on Development, Security and Environment. London & Lanham, MD: Lexington Books (ISBN: Hardback: 978-0-7391-9638-0; e-Book: 978-0-7391-9639-7).
  • Tar UA, Tedheke MEU and Mijah BE (2016) (Eds.) Readings on Globalisation and Development in Africa. Kaduna: Academy Publishers. (ISBN 978-978-54102-7-3).

Completed Policy Output

  • Tar UA “Policy Brief: Defence Transformation and Consolidation of Democracy in Nigeria. Kaduna: Academy Publishers (ISBN 978-978-55055-4-2). This is the output of a TETFund sponsored project.

Forthcoming Publications

  • Tar UA (Ed) (2019) Routledge Handbook of Counter-Terrorism and Counter-Insurgency in Africa. The publishing contract has been signed with Rutledge Publishers, London. Progress 70%
  • Tar, UA and Bala, (2019) New Architecture of Regional Security in Africa: Perspectives on Counter-Terorism and Counter-Insurgency in the Lake Chad Basin (Lanham, Maryland, USA, Lexington Books). Progress 70%
  • Tar UA (Ed) Perspectives on peace building, security and Development in Africa. Kaduna: Academy Publishers. Progress 90%
  • Ibrahim S, Tar UA, Osakwe CC, Akpan O & Umoh UE (Eds)(Forthcoming) Half a century of Insurgency and counterinsurgency in the Niger Delta of Nigeria. Publishers: Taylor and Francis. Progress 50%
  •  Tar UA and Onwurah, CP (Forthcoming, 2019) (Eds.) The Palgrave Handbook of Small Arms and Conflict in Africa London/New York: Palgrave Macmillan. Progress 70%
  • Tar, UA, Wapmuk Sharkdam and Ubi, Efem (forthcoming, 2019) (Eds.) Perspectives on Contemporary Nigerian Politics and International Relations: Essays in Honour of Professor Warisu Oyesina Alli Kaduna: Academy Publishers. Progress 60

Future Book Projects

  • Tar UA & Adewuyi TO (Eds) GIS, Air power and National Defence and Security in Nigeria. This book will be the expected outcome of the national conference on Geographic information system (GIS), Air power and National Defence and security in Nigeria” to be jointly by NAF HQ and NASRD.
  • Tar UA & Umar YA (Eds) Biotechnology for Defence and Security in Africa. This book will be the expected outcome of a proposed international conference on “Biotechnology for Defence and security in Africa” to be organised with the National Association of Biotechnology.
  • Book Proposals Submitted to International Publishers:
  • Tar, U.A., Mohammed, N.T., and Ayegba, S.B. (Eds.) (Forthcoming). Food Security, Livelihood and Sustainable Development in Africa. (Book proposal and sample chapters to be reworked for submission to another publisher).

Journal Projects

The Centre has secured approvals from the Academy Publications Committee to commence to high impact peer Review journals

Journal of Security and Strategic Studies (JSSS): The journal of security and strategic studies is a peer review journal that publishes original and cutting-edge research work in the fields of security and strategic studies. The journal includes analytical essays, critical interrogation of public security policies, reflections on current issues in national, regional and international security. The journal integrate scholarship, clarify debates, provide new perspectives on research, identity and critique new trends in the field, and present insight into strategic scholarship and practice in different of the world. JSSS is published two times a year, and provides scholars and practitioners’ of defence, security and strategy the space to engage in a constructive dialogue and debate that will shape strategic thinking from national, regional and global perspectives. The journal also provides a platform for strategic leaders and scholars to identify and engage promising opportunities for research and constructive engagement. The journal also provides strategic scholars and students to keep up with new and emerging ideas in security and strategy.

Journal of Peace and Conflict Studies: The journal of peace and conflict studies is a peer review journal that targets original and cutting edge research work in the fields of peace, conflict studies, and conflict resolution and management. The journal integrates scholarship, clarify debates, provide new perspectives on research, identify and critique new trends in the field, and presents insight into peace and conflict scholarship and practice in different parts of the world. JPCS is published two times a year, and will assist scholars and practitioners of peace and conflict to engage in a constructive dialogue and debate that will shape thinking in conflict management, reconciliation, mediation and peace building. The journal also provides platform for scholars to identify and engage promising opportunities for research and constructive engagement in managing conflicts and building sustainable peace in diverse contexts. The journal also provides scholars, practitioners and students with a vibrant platform to keep up with new and emerging ideas in conflict resolution and management, including Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

Research  Fellow

S/N Name Rank/ Department
1 Prof Usman A. Tar  PhD (Bradford| UK)| MEd (Leeds)| MSc| BSc
2 Prof OE Tangban PhD-History and War Studies
3 Prof AO Ahmed PhD-History and War Studies
4 Prof DO Alabi PhD-Pol.Science and Defence Studies
5 Prof IO Mbachu PhD-Pol.Science and Defence Studies
6 Prof Jk Aremu PhD-Geography
7 Prof CI Ekwakhide PhD-Economics
8 Assoc Prof BE Mijah PhD-Pol.Science and Defence Studies
9 Assoc Prof MUE Tedheke PhD-Pol. Sceince and Defence Studies
10 Assoc Prof CC Osakwe PhD-History and War Studies
11 Assoc Prof BJ Ajibua PhD-Geography
12 Assoc Prof T Adewuyi PhD- Geography
13 Dr S Sa’ad PhD-Economics


Associate Research Fellow

S/N Name
1 Prof Kenneth Omeje-University of Bradford UK
2 Prof Sunday Ochoche-Victim Support Fund; Abuja
3 Prof Haruna Dlakwa-University of Maiduguri
4 Prof Abiodun Alao-Kings College University of London; UK
5 Prof Rufai Ahmed Alkah-National Open University; Abuja
6 Dr Carolina Ifeka- Australian National University Canberra


Research Assistant

S/N Name
1 Charles P. Onwurah
2 Yusuf Abdullahi Manu
3 Samuel Baba Ayegba
4 Bashir Bala
5 Yekini Bello


Secretarial Staff

S/N Name
1 Mrs NK Nurudeen
2 Mr Solomon Amboh
3 Mrs Folashade Aregbosola
4 Mal Mohammed Babaginda
5 Mrs Folashade Ijaola

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