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Centre for Critical Thinking, Teaching & Learning

Welcome Message

Welcome to the Centre for Critical Thinking, Teaching and Learning (CCTTL). In the current state of our society, critical thinking is essential for the transformation of our country to higher level where every sector will be more functional. Critical thinking is a philosophical perspective that can help anyone to become more successful. The logic behind this belief is that everyone can benefit from becoming a better thinker and as a result, have greater control over their thinking. The centre has a wide array of scholars resident in the Nigerian Defence Academy as well as erudite scholars from other Nigerian and International Universities. The Centre is also working on Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with other tertiary institutions both in Nigeria and abroad for the provision of an enviable pool of resource persons who would pilot the instigation of the generation of critical minds that would move the country forward.

About the Centre

The center for Critical Thinking Teaching and Learning was established on the 19th February, 2015. It is situated in the Nigerian Defence Academy, the premier institution for the training of commissioned officers of the Nigerian armed forces. Critical Thinking, Teaching and Learning are prerequisites in the training of military personnel. These attributes are imperative in the management of conflict of any kind. The center is therefore positioned to support NDA and other similar military institutions in the transformation and standardization of teaching and learning activities in the Academy.

One of the objectives of the center is to stimulate inquisitiveness and enhance the thought process, objectivity in thought and reasoning of cadets, postgraduate students and staff. In addition, they would be properly informed, trustful of reason, open and fair minded in evaluation, flexible, unbiased, and prudent in making judgments, willing to consider and reconsider issues with clarity of mind. The centre aims to impart on target participants orderliness in complex matters, diligence in seeking relevant information, application of reason in the selection of criteria, focus in enquiry and persistence in seeking result that is as precise as the subject and circumstances of enquiry permit.

Regarding vision, a primary task of any institution is to develop its resource persons and students. Development may take many forms, but the main goal of this center is the development of teaching and decision making skills. The center is positioned to create an initial and continuing professional development training for military instructors and members of academic faculty in the Academy. Through the regular conduct of refresher courses, seminars, workshops, conferences and trainings, the center aims to collaborate with other relevant and like-minded centers both local and international. The mission of the center is to train and retrain both in-house instructors and in coming instructors through the use of the basic, intermediate, and advanced methods of pedagogy and on how they could better develop capacity and teaching skills. As trainers it would help to stimulate such skills in cadets and students who would become instructors in the future.


The Centre had organised workshops in the past for the National Youth Service Corps members posted to the NDA and has finalized plans for series of such training workshops for primary and secondary school teachers in the NDA Staff School and NDA Staff Secondary School in addition to subsequent batches of NYSC members.

Collaborations and Affiliations

Foreign Bodies and Institutions

1. Centre and Foundation for Critical Thinking, Sonoma, California, USA.
2. Centre for Teaching and Learning, University of Manitoba, Canada.
3. Council for Creative Education, Finland.
4. Centre for Lifelong Learning, University of Liverpool.
5. Centre for Excellence in Learning and Teaching, National University of Ireland.

Local Bodies

1. National Teachers Institute (NTI).
2. Teachers Registration Council of Nigeria (TRCN).
3. Faculty of Education, Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria.
4. Nigerian Defence Academy Staff Schools (Primary/Secondary).

State Government

The governments of Adamawa, Sokoto, Kebbi, Kaduna, Borno, Yobe, Taraba, Kano, Niger, Kogi, Bauchi, Gombe, Rivers, Cross Rivers, Akwa – Ibom, Kwara and Bayelsa.

Research Team

High level NDA Delegation to the 35th International Conference of the Foundation of Critical Thinking Sonoma, California, USA on Critical Thinking and Educational Reform, July/August, 2015.

1. AVM ABC Nweze,
Former Deputy Comdt, NDA, Kaduna.

2. Prof AS Nwankwo,
Academy Provost, NDA, Kaduna.

3. Maj Gen OF Azinta,
Former DMT, NDA, Kaduna.

4. Maj Gen AB Isandu,
Former CBC, NDA, Kaduna.

5. Maj Gen OT Akinjobi,
Former Academy Registrar, NDA, Kaduna.

6. Brig Gen C Nengite,
Army Headquaters, Abuja.

7. Prof OE Tangban,
Former Dean, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences/
Dept of History and War Studies, NDA ,Kaduna.

8. Prof SC Osuala,
Former Dean, Faculty of Sciences/Dept of Mathematics, NDA, Kaduna.

9. Prof AO Ahmed,
Former Dean, Postgraduate School/Dept of History and War Studies, NDA, Kaduna.

10. Dr OF Agboola,
Former Dean, Faculty of Engineering/Dept of Mech Engr, NDA, Kaduna.

11. Dr (Mrs) NC Lord Mallam,
Dept of Political Science and Defence Studies, NDA, Kaduna.

12. Miss Ronke Garrick,
Financial Consultant, Abuja.

13. Prof GA Ajibade,
Bio Sci Dept, NDA Kaduna.

14. Assoc Prof S Garba,
Chem Dept, NDA Kaduna.

15. Assoc Prof J Okpanachi,
Acct Dept, NDA Kaduna.

16. Maj AO Bamidele,
Army Wing, NDA Kaduna.

17. Dr MS Jibril,
Dept of Geo, NDA Kaduna.

18. Dr JO Afolayan,
Dept of Civil Engr, NDA Kaduna.

19 Lt Cdr YM Haruna,
Naval Wing, NDA Kaduna.

20. Dr (Mrs) NT Mohammed,
Dept of Pol Sci and Defence Studies, NDA Kaduna.

21. Dr (Mrs) BKU Farouk,
Dept of Economics, NDA Kaduna.

22. Dr (Capt) DK Garba,
Dept of MechEngr, NDA Kaduna.

23. Dr AM Badmus,
Dept of Mathematics, NDA Kaduna.

24. Lt Col S Lawan (rtd)
Dept of EEE, NDA Kaduna.

25. Dr H Ali,
Dept of Physics, NDA Kaduna.

26. Dr M Shuaibu,
Dept of History and War Studies, NDA Kaduna.

27. Mr DT Chinyio,
Dept of Comp Sci, NDA Kaduna.

28. Miss AO Okorie,
Dept of Psychology, NDA Kaduna.

29. Mrs Esther Musa,
Dept of Languages, NDA Kaduna.

30. Brig Gen C Nengite,
Army Headquarters, Abuja.

Consultants and Mentors

1. Prof. Pai Obanya,
Emeritus Professor, University of Ibadan.

2. Prof. T.K. Adeyanju,
Emeritus Professor,
Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria.

3. Dr. Dele Yaya
Former Director, NTI, Kaduna.

4. Dr. Andrew Nkom,
Former Director, Institute of Education
ABU, Zaria.

5. Dr. Abdurrahman Umar
Former Director NTI, Kaduna/Teacher Professional Development Project, British Council.

6. Mr. Denni Okoro
Former Director, Inspectorate Division FME, Abuja.

7. Prof. Kabir Isiyaku, Mni
Former ES, NCCE, Abuja/Bayero University, Kano.

8. Prof. Ismaila Tsiga
Dept of English and Literary Studies,
Bayero University, Kano.

9. Charles Bassey
Axiom Learning Solutions, Ltd.

10. Prof. Okey Iheduru
Arizona State University, USA.

11. Lawrence Ogbo Ugwuanyi, PhD
Assoc. Prof of Philosophy
Centre for Critical Thinking and Resourceful in Africa (CECTRRA) The Development Office,
University of Abuja.

Centre for Critical Thinking, Teaching and Learning, 

Nigerian Defence Academy Kaduna.