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Research Monitoring and Coordination Office

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Welcome to RMCO… promoting Research with Transparency, Accountability and Integrity. RMCO, advancing scientific solutions to societal problems!The Research Monitoring and Coordination Office was established in May, 2016 to serve as a research hub to all staff and research centres in the Nigerian Defence Academy. The office is mandated to monitor reseach and  grant related activities and ensure transparency and accountability as spelt out in the NDA Research Policy and Development

About the Center

If any constituency ever gave globalization its concrete manifestation and essence, the academia did. Suddenly, following exponential growth in Information and Communication technologies (ICTs), inter disciplinary boundaries are collapsing, and geographical borders are giving way to a virtual global academic village wherein access, voice and vote are sufficiently guaranteed.  In this community, capital is research outputs and related deliverables. This has generated a much larger body of scholarship and scholars around the world. However, in the face of the intense competition that has come to characterize (academic) research in the search for excellence, there has been concern of titanic proportion on the need to regulate and standardize the conduct of research in an increasingly dynamic and equally complex world. So also has been the need to make research speak to the myriad of problems and challenges of living in a fast changing world.  Without a doubt, this scenario is replete with its own baggage. Openness gave access to all; the good, the bad and the monstrous. Fraudsters, cheats and dishonest participants in this growing academic community are threatening not only the integrity of research and their findings, but also the prospects of a better and more secured human society. This context has made the need to, not only standardize the theory and practice of research, but also to make research more responsive to the needs of society, accountable to the urgency of societal needs and integrity driven. Thus, Responsibility, Accountability and Integrity (RAI)have come to be some of the key defining features of research in the yet unfolding global research community.

In response to the even more dynamic, complex and competitive nature of the global academic research environment, the Nigerian Defence Academy established, in May 2016 the Research Monitoring and Coordination Office, (RMCO). According to the Policy document guiding research in the Academy, the RMCO  is saddled with the responsibility to monitor and ensure the timely completion of research projects (within budget), and also to engender synergy within and between relevant research nodal points in the Academy, on one hand, and those in other related institutions and organisations, on the other.

The new thinking in the RMCO is informed by the deductions that societies desirous of development are top candidates for doing research- even much more than those that have an established tradition in it. However, in Nigeria, as in most other non-indutrial countries, it seem that the level of research, albeit quite low, and related outputs does not seem to speak to the reality on the ground, as old problems persist, and new ones emerge and assume their own dynamics. In clear terms, there is an obvious disconnect between research and the problems of society. The problems are essentially on three mutually reinforcing poles, viz;

  • The irresponsive nature of research to the needs of society (research-policy disconnect);
  • Low and insufficient levels of relevant research competencies and skills; and
  • The flagrant violation of Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) due to ineffective regulatory framework, etc.

Jointly and, or severally, these factors impact research and research perceptions in several adverse ways that beg for urgent attention. Following from this, and going forward, RMCO is positioning to achieve the following objectives:

  • Develop on a sustained basis, relevant and sufficient research skills and competencies in the NDA Research Community;
  • Connect research (in NDA) to policy and societal needs;
  • Engender a framework for the guarantee of Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs)

Some of the activities of the research office include:

* Sourcing and dissemination of internal and external grant information/ opportunities to staff and research centres.

* Assisting staff in developing grant winning research proposals, packaging and submission of proposals to funding agencies.

* Documentation of grants awarded to staff and research centres.

* Monitoring of research progress to ensure compliance with terms and conditions of funding bodies, and of NDA Research and Development Policy.

* Ensuring transparency and accountability in the management of research grants by awardees.

* Processing of research proposals for internal funding.

* Disbursement of internal grants approved by NDA Research Committee.

Members of NDA Research Committee

S/N Name Position
1 Prof OE Tangban BA MPhil PhD Chairman
2 Prof SC Osuala BSc MSc PhD Member
3 Prof L Salihu BSC MSc PhD Member
4 Assoc Prof Agbola MSc PhD Member
5 Assoc Pro UA Tar BSc MSc PhD Member
6 Assoc Prof YA Umar BSc MSc PhD Member
7 Assoc Prof C Osakwe BA MA PhD Member
8 Dr N Mohammad BA MA PhD Member
9 Dr NM Muktar BSc MSc PhD Member
10 Col SS Ibrahim  BEd MEd PhD Member
11 Col S Ibrahim BEd MEd PhD Member
12 Mrs L Lawi MA Secretary

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Research Monitoring and Coordination Office

Ribadu Campus

Nigerian Defence Academy

Kaduna, Nigeria.


Mobile: +2348054514370; +2348025164667