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Academic Planning

Welcome to Directorate of Academic Planning

The Directorate of Academic Planning, Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA) was established in 1998.  The Office is directly under the Academy Provost (AP) for its day-to-day operation and basically responsible for collection, analysis and interpretation of data from relevant academic departments, faculties and units in the Academy.  These are used for the internal evaluation of the performance status of the Academy on all the NUC approved guidelines and recommendations.  The unit ensures that the Academy complies with and maintains standards, through passing necessary information to Departments and the Academy at large, on NUC’s Minimum Academic Standards.  It serves as a quality assurance unit of the Academy guiding each academic department in carrying out the academic functions of the Academy.

Since inception, the DAP carries out its responsibilities as may be directed by the AP and liaises between the Academy and the National Universities Commission on issues such as accreditation of programmes, collaboration and linkages with other regulatory bodies. The DAP also participates actively in harmonizing Semester Lectures and Examination Time Tables based on the Calendar of Events in the Academy.