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Directorates of Linkages and Collaboration

Welcome to Directorate of Linkages and Collaboration

In order to re-energize the functionality and improve the veracity of the Linkages and Collaboration Committee established since 2014 with the view to properly key it into the overall Academy’s constructive goal, its membership was reorganized in April 2016 by the Academy Provost, Prof AS Nwankwo with refreshing mandates. Prof AO Ahmed was reconfirmed as the Chair of the Committee. The NDA Authority under the leadership of Maj Gen Adeniyi Oyebade early 2018 approved the creation of three Academic Directorates in line with the international best practice in Academia and in tandem with NUC regulation; Directorate of Linkages and Collaboration, Directorate of Academic Planning and Directorate of General Studies. By this singular and constructive move the Directorate was established and can now peer its type in the global academic climes. Directorate of Linkages and Collaboration is henceforth relied upon to market and manage the image of the Africa’s Top Military University to both national and international communities.

Our Objectives

  • In order to achieve its mission and actualize its vision the Directorate is characterized by suave objectives among which are the following:
  • Identifying possible areas for partnerships, linkages and collaboration with both private and public institutions within and outside the country for the overall benefit of the Academy.
  • Commencing preliminary interaction with such identified institutions.
  •  Identifying possible sources of grants for hosting and sponsorship of conferences, workshops, seminars and general training both locally and abroad.
  •  Projecting a positive image of NDA and the Academy Branch in particular to the global intellectual community in order to attract the desired patronage.
  • Liaising with NDA Centres, Wings, Directorates, Units and Consultancy as the case may be to identity and take forward initiatives that will deliver fund, value capital and synergy.


The Directorate is collaborating with several public and private institutions within and outside. Some of these collaborations are active while others are in process of being consummated.  The following are some of the institutions in collaboration with the Academy’s DLC:

  • National Defence College, Abuja.
  • Armed Forces Command and Staff College, Jaji.
  • Defence Intelligence Agency, Abuja.
  • Kano State Government.
  • Niger State Government.
  • Energy Commission of Nigeria, Abuja.
  • Nigerian Nuclear Regulatory Authority, Abuja.
  • Umaru Shinkafi Centre for Africa Extractive Policy
  • Research, Nasarawa State.
  • Laraba Institute for Foreign Languages, Kaduna.
  • National Space Research and Development Agency, Abuja.
  • Federal Polytechnic Tafawa Balewa Bauchi.
  • National Water Resources Institute, Kaduna.
  • Nigerian Prison Services, Kaduna.
  • Universiti Utara, Malaysia.
  • National Institute for Policy and Strategic Studies (NIPSS), Kuru.

Organisational Structure

The Directorate is structured as follows:

Director. The Director in the person of Prof AO Ahmed is the overall administrative head of the Directorate.  He oversees the day to day activities of the Directorate.  He is the link between the Academy and all the collaborating Institutions and he is directly responsible to the Academy Provost.

Other Staff are

S/N Name Rank Appointment
1. Mrs AO Jolaosho ACA Head of Accts
2. Mr MG Hassan SAR Head of Admin
3. Mr PO Azumara Prin Con Sec PA
4. Mr A Akale Admin Offr Admin Offr
5. Miss SC Eluwa Admin Asst Admin Asst
6. Mrs Hope Okereke Cleaner Cleaner

Resource Team

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