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Welcome Message from the HOD

Dr. BJ Ajibuah

On behalf of staff of the Department, I am pleased to welcome you to Department of Geography. I hope that you will find the information in this page useful. The Department is located in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (FASS) in the permanent site of Nigerian Defence Academy while its Postgraduate courses are taken in the Ribadu Campus.The Department expresses deep appreciation to the Commandant, The Academy Provost and The Academy Registrar for their continual support for the Department.


The Department of Geography is one of the seven Academic Departments that form the faculty of Arts and social Sciences (FASS) of the Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA).  The B.Sc (Honours) degree programme run by the department commenced in 1985 while the postgraduate programme came on stream in the 2005/2006 academic year.  Its postgraduate programme is anchored on military geography with applications in environmental analysis and management, climatology, remote sensing, geographical information system, human ecology and habitat


The Geography programme at the Nigerian Defence Academy is designed to respond adequately to needs for research and training in human and physical geography with particular reference to defence and security of Nigerian Armed Forces in the areas of map production and updating for military operations and excellence in military geography. It is also designed to aid cadets/students to have proper understanding of various geographic themes for meaningful contribution to the development of Nigeria and the global security.

The department prepares cadets and students for the following degrees:

1. BSc Geography

2. BSc Geography

3. PhD Geography and

4. Postgraduate Diploma in Remote Sensing/GIS & Environmental mgt.


Nomenclature for the postgraduate degree programmes in geography are:

1. Postgraduate Diploma (PGD);

2. Master of Science (M.Sc);

3. Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D)

4. The Postgraduate Diplomas in the following areas:

5. Environmental Management

6. Remote Sensing and Geographic Information System

The M.Sc and Ph.D (Geography) degrees are offered in any of the following areas:

1.  Military Geography

2.  Climatology/Meteorology

3.  Population Studies

4. Environmental Resource Analysis

5.  GIS/Remote Sensing

6. Urban geography

7. Geomorphology

Departmental Linkages

 In order to strengthen and add values to our teaching, research and community services the Department has established very strong and rewarding partnership and collaborative linkages with the following agencies:

1. The National Space Research and Development Agency (NSRDA)

2. Ministry of Niger Delta Affair,

3. Federal Housing Authority

4. Defence Space Agency and

5. Kaduna State Geographic Information System

Outcome from Partenrship Engagements

1. The Department has facilitated the signing of an MOU between the authorities of National Space Research and Development Agency (NSRDA) and Nigerian Defence Academy. The NSRDA has donated a Satellite Imagery worth of one hundred and thirty million naira (N130, 000,000.00) to the Academy, offers a window of opportunity for sound academic students from Engineering Departments to join the Agency team in the building of Micro-satellite, formation of synergy in information and data sharing, NSRDA has also offers to assists strengthen the Departmental Professional Master program in Geographic Information System and Remote Sensing through reviewing of curriculum and other technical support.

2. Kaduna State Geographic Information System (KADGIS) has visited the Department with her team of experts on GIS. This will fast track updating and installation of GIS Lab accessories and maintenance of Departmental map production unit.

3. The Department has also, initiated and pioneered resources mobilization for the NDA consul through facilitation of tender application and proposal writing.



S/N Name Specialization Qualification Rank
1 BJ Ajibuah Population and Environmental Issues;and Reproductive Health B.Sc. M.Sc; PhD Associate Professor
2 AA Adepetu Environmental and Resources Planning BA; PhD Visiting/Professor
3 EA Olowolafe Environmental Management B.Sc. M.Sc; PhD Visiting Professor
4 Bala Dogo Environmental and Resources Planning B.Sc. M.Sc; PhD Visiting Professor
5 JK Aremu Metrology/Climatology B.Sc. M.Sc; PhD Professor
6 MA Al-Amin Environmental Management HND; PGD; M.Sc; PhD Professor
7 LO Enukora Population and Manpower Resources Planning B.Sc. M.Sc Associate Professor
8 TO Adewuyi Surveying; Remote Sensing and Environmental Resource Management B.Sc. M.Tech; PhD Associate Professor
9 SA Sati Environmental and Resources Planning B.Sc. M.Sc Senior Lecturer
10 PM Atere Urban Geography B.Sc. M.Sc; PhD Senior Lecturer
11 Col AW Butu Environmental Management BSc M.Sc; PhD Military Officer
12 MS Jibril Remote Sensing Applications;Hydrology; and Urban Management B.Sc. M.Sc; PhD Senior Lecturer
13 A Dadan Garba Environmental Management BA; M.Sc; PhD Senior Lecturer
14 OA Oluwole Remote sensing and Cartography B.Sc. M.Tech.;PhD Lecturer I
15 Y Sadiq Mining geology B.Sc. M.Sc Lecturer I
16 GO Salawu Geomorphology B.Sc. M.Sc Lecturer I
17 NE Gandapa Environmental Management B.Sc. M.Sc; PhD Lecturer I
18 CB Obida GIS/ RS B.Sc. M.Sc Lecturer II
19 IA Mustafa GIS/ RS B.Sc. M.Sc LecturerII
20 MM Dauda GIS/ RS B.Sc. M.Sc LecturerII
21 DD Jise Population Studies/Human & Regional Geography B.Sc. M.Sc; Lecturer II
22 AI Nuhu Trainee B.Sc. Graduate Assistant


1. Lect JC Ikerionwu PhD Oct 1985 Nov 1985
2. Lect LO Enukora M.Sc Dec1985 April 1987
3. Assoc. Prof J Uyanga PhD May 1987 Jul 1990
4. Lt Col IO Falowo PhD Aug 1990 Feb 1992
5. SnrLect IA Ikhuoria PhD Feb 1992 Sept 1992
6. SnrLect LO Enukora M.Sc Oct 1992 Nov 1993
7. Cdr SO Ayepeku PhD Nov 1993 Sept 1995
8. Assoc Prof LO Enukora PhD Sep 1995 Sept 2000
9. SnrLect IIY Mallo PhD Oct 2000 Sept 2002
10. SnrLect SA Sati M.Sc Sept 2002 Sept 2004
11. Assoc Prof Bala Dogo PhD Oct 2004 Sept 2006
12. Assoc Prof LO Enukora PhD Oct 2006 Sept 2008
13. SnrLect JK Aremu PhD Oct 2008 Jan 2010
14. SnrLect MS Jibril PhD Jan 2010 Feb 2011
15. Assoc Prof LO Enukora PhD Feb 2011 Nov 2012
16. SnrLect TO Adewuyi Ph.D Nov 2012 Nov 2015
17 Assoc Prof BJ Ajibuah PhD Nov 2015 To date

Department of Geography

Nigerian Defence Academy

PMB 2109, Kaduna, Nigeria