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History & War Studies

Welcome Message from the HOD

Assoc Prof CCC Osakwe
Head of Department

On behalf of staff of the Department, I would like to welcome you to Department of History and War Studies, one of the oldest and greatest academic department in the Nigerian Defence Academy. We offer highly qualified faculty and contemporary studies and research. Our graduates are highly recruited with excellent placement by educational and research institutions, government agencies and private industries. The Department is located in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (FASS) in the permanent site of Nigerian Defence Academy while its Postgraduate courses are taken in the Ribadu Campus. The Department expresses deep appreciation to the Commandant, The Academy Provost and The Academy Registrar for their continual support for the Department.


History was one of the five programmes established at the beginning of the 1985/1986 Academic year under the new status of NDA as a degree awarding institution. The Department started with fifteen (15) cadets. Pioneer staff of the Department included Dr LO Amadi, Dr OE Tangban, Dr AE Ekoko and Dr CN Ubah, (all now Professors). Since then, the department has been preparing the cadet for the award of BA Honours Degree in History after a course of study which lasts for four years. Thus, since 1987/1988 session, the programme has been taught at four levels of Regular courses. However, in 2010 the nomenclature of the department was changed to History and International Studies in line with what is obtainable in most Departments of History in many other Universities in Nigeria. Due to the peculiar nature of the Academy where the entire undergraduate students are military, the name of the department was changed again in 2016 to History and War Studies to enable the Department deliver on the core mandate of the institution. It has graduated over 100 Commissioned Officers for all the three services of the Nigerian Armed Forces. In 2005, approval was given to commence the Post-graduate Programme. The Department of History then was among the Pioneer Departments. It currently offers courses leading to the Award of M.A/PhD in Military History and International Studies. In a similar vein, the department also runs Postgraduate Professional programmes. The Programmes at the post-graduate level are open to both military personnel and the General Public.


Acquisition of historical knowledge, especially of military history is indispensable to the making of an officer at all levels of his profession. The vision of the department is to produce officers who can comprehend the historical forces and developments which have shaped and are still shaping the lives of the people nationally, regionally, continentally and globally. This way, they will be better placed to command men and manage resources as they go out into the field. Equipped with historical insight, understanding and perception of societal developments in a wide range of environments, the History and War Studies graduate officer will be especially helpful in various departments of the military profession namely: administration, intelligence service, field operations, diplomatic service, peace-keeping and the broader demands of the society. For the post-graduate level, the department seeks to build individuals that are prepared to reckon with the present world where war, revolution, conflict, terrorism and other upheavals occur with frightening regularity, side by side with the evolution, growth, development of communities and harmonious interactions among groups and nations. This is because, history is key to understanding and explaining this phenomena and for this reason, the department’s post graduate programmes are designed for the effective training of students of history through research to become erudite scholars, professional historians, teachers, diplomats as well as administrators in line with the current trend of the world.

Aims and Objectives

The BA Honours degree in History and War Studies aims at producing for the Nigerian Armed Forces, officers who possess a competent knowledge of history of Nigeria, Africa and the wider world. The programme attaches importance to the military dimension of historical experience since it will provide the officer cadets with the relevant knowledge as commissioned officers. The discipline inculcates thinking in the cadets and makes them develop analytical and critical approaches to issues and balanced judgment associated with it. At the postgraduate level, the main objective of the programmes is to develop in graduate students, the spirit of enquiry through training in research in an atmosphere of intellectual independence and individual creativity combined with a strong sense of teamwork. In pursuit of this objective, teachers and students constitute an integrated team in a well-defined and purposeful endeavour of providing high quality education with special emphasis, depending on the discipline, on military and strategic studies (theory, case studies and application). In the context of the above general objectives, the Department of History and War Studies in NDA seeks to promote the twin goals of imparting knowledge of academic and practical orientation by providing:
a. High quality training in research at Master’s and Doctoral levels for Service personnel and civilians; and,
b. Opportunity for improving and upgrading the existing and potential high level manpower needed for planninl high level manpower needed for planning, implementation and improvement pf productivity and performance in the Armed forces.

Personnel Administration

The department is headed by the Head of Department (HOD) who sees to the day to day running of the affairs of the department. Members of the Academic staff are in charge of important functions, such as teaching of cadets, conduct of examinations, registration of cadets, counseling, etc. There are as well non-academic or administrative members of staff who see to the office and administrative running of the department on a daily basis.

Undergraduate Degree Programme

The Undergraduate programme is four years programme leading to award of B.A (Hons) degree in History and War Studies. The programme is structured into eight semesters for all cadets. Each cadet is expected to spend this period in the Academy taking lectures and training. Planned educational visit to historic sites are organized from time to time to enable cadets appreciate the course better. The B.A programme involves intensive course work of lectures and interactive sessions designed to teach and reinforce theoretical concepts in History. The courses are grouped as general, core and elective. All general and core courses are compulsory and must be passed before graduation. Elective courses are those that will help cadets’ understanding of the higher level courses and these constitute only a very small percentage of the total credit units registered throughout the programme.

Admission Requirements

Minimum admission requirement include WASC with at least (5) credits including History/Government, or Civic Education, English and Mathematics in not more than two sittings, OR any other result of similar recognition, GCE O’Level, Grade II Teachers Certificate. The candidate should not be more than 21 years at the time of admission. Interested candidates buy NDA admission forms after which they write a qualifying examination, and attend interview before they are selected on state quota basis. Also, JAMB is one of the main requirements/cut off marks needed before prospective candidates are invited for admission selection process.

Postgraduate Programme

The NDA is first and foremost a military Institution; therefore the Department offers Military History and International Studies as academic Post-graduate (PG) Programmes. The contents and courses of the PG Programmes in Military History and International Studies are specifically designed such that serving personnel who participate are imbibed with additional professionalism and expertise. The students are made to develop the spirit of enquiry through training in research, in an atmosphere of independence and personal creativity combined with a high sense of team work. the professional programmes of the department include Master in Development Studies (MDS), Master in Conflict, Security and Development (MCSD), Master in Leadership Studies (MLS) and Postgraduate Diploma in Leadership and Security Studies (PGDLSS).

The careful Study of wars and conflicts of the past, such as the Nigerian Civil War, Pre and Post-Colonial Wars in Africa, the World Wars (I & II.) and Middle East conflicts, the PG students will be better equipped in terms of tactics, strategies and methods of war prosecution. This way, they will be able to learn from the general and specific lessons of successes, failures, manouvres and miscalculations by war commanders and troops of the past for their present and future benefits. Other courses include contemporary ones like Guerilla warfare; Terrorism and Counter Insurgency; Nigeria and the Outside World; International Peace-keeping; War and Society in Africa and the Struggle for World Hegemony. Also course contents of the programme in part examines efforts at disarmament, the end of Cold War, Crises in the former Soviet Union, dissolution of Warsaw Pact, German Unification and military globalization.

The courses were put in place to help the students’ especially military personnel to acquaint themselves of the opportunity to improve and upgrade the existing potential in high level manpower needed for planning, implementation and general improvement in productivity and performance in the services and the nation at large. At the global level, officers of these programmes are better informed in and trained to command, administer and head relevant sections of the Diplomatic Mission, specialized administration, intelligence service and other broader demands of the Region, Continent and the UN.

Admission Requirements

  • Master’s Degree

Candidates seeking admission into the Master’s Degree programmes in Military History and International Studies apart from satisfying the general regulations guiding application to PG School, NDA, shall in addition, be a graduate of NDA or any recognized University and must possess a minimum of Second Class Honours (Lower Division) in History, single or combined Honours, or in any other relevant discipline.

  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) Degree

A candidate for PhD degree must possess a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree (minimum of Second Class Honours, Lower Division) in the appropriate area of study from Nigerian Defence Academy or any other recognized University. In adition, the candidate must have scored an average of not less than 60% at the Master’s degree level.

Academic Staff

S/No Name Qualification Remark
1. Assoc Prof CC Osakwe PhD Military History
2. Prof CN Ubah PhD(Prof. Emeritus) Guerrilla Warfare|Terrorism & Counter Terrorism
3. Prof OE Tangban PhD Economic History|War and Society
4. Prof AO Ahmed PhD Socio-Political History and Security
5. Prof. AM Yakubu PhD Guerrilla Warfare| Terrorism & Counter Terrorism
6. Dr. VS Akran PhD Inter Group Relations
7. Dr EO Eugene PhD History
8. Dr. Hk Ali PhD History
9. Dr MA Shaibu PhD Military History and Social History
10. Dr. LO Udeagbala PhD Military History & Security Studies
11. Dr.  MM Usman PhD Political History
12. Dr. H Jibril PhD History
13. Dr. BJ Audu PhD History and International Studies
14. Mrs JO Ogbaji M.A Economic & Social History
15. Mrs AY Akinga M.A Economic and Military History
16. UA Lamido M.A Conflict and Security
17. Mrs Maryam Hamzab M.A. History
18. Ozinna T Ntukogu B.A History


Visiting Lecturers

  1. Prof Timothy Stepleton – University of Calgary Canada
  2. Prof Abiodun Alao – King’s College, London UK

Lecturers on Sabbatical

  1.  Dr.  A O Suberu – Federal University Lokoja, Kogi State
  2. Prof O Efosa – Ambrose Ali University Ekpoma, Edo State


S/No Rank Name From To
1. Dr EA Ekoko 1985 1986
2. Dr CN Ubah 1986 1990
3. Prof CN Ubah 1990 1993
4. Dr LO Amadi 1993 1994
5. Dr AM Yakubu 1994 1996
6. Prof Cn Ubah 1996 2000
7. Dr AA Lipede 2000 2002
8. Dr OE Tangban 2002 2004
9. Prof AA Lipede 2004 2006
10. Dr AO Ahmed 2006 Mar 2010
11. Assoc Prof AO Ahmed Mar 2010 Jul 2010
12. Mr VS Akran Jul 2010 Feb 2011
13. Dr OA Suberu Feb 2011 Dec 2011
14. Dr CC Osakwe Dec 2011 Oct 2013
15. Dr VS Akran Oct 2013 Nov 2015
16. Col (Dr) S Ibrahim Nov 2015 2018
17. Assoc Prof CCC Osakwe 2018 Till Date

Department of History and War Studies

Nigerian Defence Academy

PMB 2109, Kaduna, Nigeria