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Welcome to the Department of Languages.  We enhance capability, mobility and versatility of Officer Cadets, Armed Forces Personnel and the general public through the impartation of Foreign Language skills which are necessary and crucial for effective performance in a globalized world.

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 History of the Department

The Department of Languages of the Nigerian Defence Academy  was  established in 1997, out of the Department of General Studies.  Hitherto, Arabic and French were offered as compulsory electives only at 100 and 200 levels by all Faculties.   Given such a status, the scope and effectiveness of the courses were limited.  The desire to impart language competence to cadets, in the two languages was therefore not realizable due to limitations of content and time available.  The need to upgrade the course, and the increasing need to develop a crop of officers who are able to communicate effectively in foreign languages gave rise to the establishment of a Department of Languages, solely dedicated to teaching Foreign languages identified as key and needful for enhancing the operation of the Nigerian Armed Forces personnel.

Other compelling factors which motivated the establishment of the Department of Languages include Nigeria’s contiguity to and rapport with Francophone and Arabophone countries on the African Continent, bilateral relations, increasing security threats,  Nigeria’s Leadership role in Africa, peace keeping, peace support operations and the impact of globalization.  This vision was actualized in 1997 with the intake of the First batch of four cadets for 49RC Arabic.  50RC course had eleven cadets for Arabic and two for French.  51RC, 52RC, 53RC all had Arabic no French cadets.  60RC had four cadets for French and non for Arabic.

Aims and Objectives of The Department

The aim of the Department is to train and produce a crop of officers and postgraduate students who are equipped with functional knowledge and communicative skills in relevant foreign languages to enable them overcome the usual challenges posed by language barriers often encountered in business, diplomacy, scholarship, peace keeping, and peace support operations.
The degree programme is designed to

  • train cadets to acquire adequate communicative competence in both the spoken and written varieties of Arabic/French thereby giving them a command and effective mastery of the language in its various applications to achieve adequate, self-expression and self-actualisation and enhance service delivery.
  • equip cadets with the knowledge of the forms and features of the varieties of Arabic/French used in different professional domains such as: business, communication, diplomatic service, military terminologies, service writing, synthesis from the print and electronic media and project writing.
  •  equip cadets with adequate linguistic knowledge of Arabic/French through a detailed study of its sound system, lexicon, syntax, semantics and levels of language usage.
  •  prepare cadets to pursue postgraduate studies in Arabic/French and undertake research at the undergraduate and post graduate level.
  •  orient cadets towards acquisition of self-employment skills such as project writing,, creative writing, as well as translation and interpreting.

Student Admission and Graduation Policy

In addition to the Academy’s policy on Admission, the minimum requirements for a B.A Arabic or B.A French Degree programme include WASC or NECO with at least 5 credits which must include English plus French or Arabic obtained at not more than two sittings Or any other result of similar value and recognition such as GCE ‘O’ Level, or the Grade II Teacher’s Certificate. Prospective Candidates should not be above 21 at the time of the admission.
Applications are online after which candidates write the Nigerian Defence Academy Entrance Examination (NDAEE). Successful candidates are invited for an interview before the final selection is effected.

  • Retention Policy: A Cadet must have a minimum CGPA of 1.0 in addition to not failing in more than three core courses to be retained.
  • Graduation Policy: Before qualifying to graduate, a cadet must have taken a minimum of 140 credit units in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences.

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S/N Name Rank Qualifications Area of Specialization
1 Dr (Mrs) Rautha C Gandu Snr Lect B.A; M.A; (French); Ph.D Language
2 Prof Usman A Mohammed Prof B.A; M.A; PhD (Gen.Linguistic) French Linguistics and French
3 Assoc Prof Ibrahim A Imam Assoc Prof B.A; M.A;Ph.D; (Arabic) Arabic Language (Linguist)
4 Dr (Col) Rufus T Adegboye (rtd) Snr Lect B.A; M.A;Ph.D (French) Francophone African Literature
5 Dr Misbahu T Rabi’u Snr Lect B.A;M.A(Arabic) PhD Arabic Language (Linguist)
6 Mrs Deborah E Sabo Lect I B.A; M.A (French) French Literature
7 Mrs Mercy E Odudigbo Lect I B.A; M.A French African Literature
8 Mal Yahaya M Mustapha LectII B.A; M.A Arabic Arabic Language (Linguist)
9 Mrs Fatima M Shehu LectII B.A; M.A (Arabic Lit) Arabic Literature
10 Mrs Esther Musa Asst Lect B.A; M.A (Lang) French Language
11 Mr Sunday A Gbande Asst Lect B.A; M.A (French) Caribbean Literature
12 Gp Capt AI Ocholi (rtd) Lecturer B.A Languages
13 EL Okwori Grad Asst BA French Languages

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Department of Languages
Nigerian Defence Academy,
Afaka, Kaduna