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Political Science & Defence Studies

Welcome Message 

Dr NT Mohammed

With delight, we say welcome to the Department of Political Science and Defence Studies. A department whose mission is centred on creating a conducive environment where Cadets, Students and Visitors will experience the best of research, teaching and learning in Political Science and Defence Studies. Our Department prides itself in attracting and producing some of the best of students in the Academy. The Department is manned by a team of experienced academic staff who are at the forefront of teaching and research in their fields of specialization. The quality of our cadets and postgraduate students demonstrates our commitment and zeal. As a unit within NDA, we know the importance of striving to improve on our existing services and practices.

History of the Department

The Department of Political Science and Defence Studies PSDS was established in October 1987 and started with NDA’s 39th Regular Course. The Department came into being two years after other Departments had pioneered the degree programme. PSDS was initially known as the Department of International Relations and Defence Studies (IRDS), but was renamed “Political Science and Defence Studies” in view of the appropriate and wider scope of the later nomenclature .The Department started a wide range of postgraduate programmes m 2005/2006, and is offering the following courses, all approved by the National Universities Commission in its most recent validation and verification exercise of August 2012:

*Ph.D. in Political Science (with Specialization in Defence and Strategic Studies)

*M.Sc. in Political Science (with Specialization in Defence and Strategic Studies)

*Master in International Affairs  and Strategic  Studies


*Master in International Affairs and Defence Studies (MIADS), offered at the Armed Forces Command and Staff College,Jaji.

* Master in Strategy and Security Administration (MASSA)

*Master in Public Administration (MPA)

*Postgraduate Diploma in Public Administration (PDPA)

Our Philosophy

A systematic study of Politics and Defence provides: A firm foundation for all-round knowledge of national and global structures and institutions. enhances one’s understanding of social and political problems at various levels of society stimulates the creative capacities of problem-solving and creative imagination ; offer of a solid base for independent and critical thinking; and create the imperatives  for character development and leadership citizenship training


Degree Programme

Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)

Political Science and Defence Studies

This is a four year programme fully accredited by the National Universities Commission (NUC). The programme conforms th NUC Benchmark and Minimum Academic Standards (BMAS) for Political Science and Defence Studies

Admission Requirements

The entry requirement in Political Science and Defence Studies are:

 (1) Acceptable minimum score in JAMB and

(2) At least a minimum of five credit passes in not more than two sittings, at the SSCE or its  equivalent , which must include English Language, Governmeny or History.


Academic Staff

S/N Name Rank
1. Dr NT Mohammed HOD|Snr Lect
2. Prof DO Alabi Prof
3. Prof IO Mbachu Prof
4. Prof UA Tar Prof
5. Prof MEU Tedheke Prof
6. Prof T Chukwu Prof
7. Dr EB Mijah Assoc Prof
8. Dr P Peter Assoc Prof
9. Dr ND Alahira Snr Lect
10. Dr CN Lord-Mallam Snr Lect
11. Dr EA Bature Snr Lect
12. Col (Dr) AJ Oluwadare(rtd) Snr Lect
13. Dr SM Lawal Snr Lect
14. Dr BD Ekpo Snr Lect
15. Col (Dr) AE Odupitan (rtd) Lect II
16. Mr AK Nuhu Lect II
17. Maj IK Gaddafi Lect II
18. Mrs H Abdullahi Lect II
19. Mrs AA Abdussalam Asst Lect
20. Mal SS Abubakar Asst Lect
21. Mr MP Ntagu Asst Lect

Chronicle of  Heads of Department

S/N Rank Name From To
1. Lecturer II Haliru Suleiman M.Sc Oct 1987 Apr 1989
2. Assistant Lecturer Moses EU Tedheke M.Sc Apr 1989 Sep 1989
3. Associate Professor Ibrahim James PhD Oct 1989 Sep 1990
4. Lecturer I BC Omele PhD Oct 1990 Jun 1991
5. Lecturer II OP Adelusi PhD Jun 1991 Jan 1993
6. Senior Lecturer RA Alkali PhD Jan 1993 Sep 1997
7. Lecturer I Moses EU Tedheke M.Sc Oct 1997 Sep 1999
8. Associate Professor RA Alkali PhD Oct 1999 Sep 2001
9. Associate Professor Adedeji Ebo PhD Oct 2001 Sep 2003
10. Associate Professor Oluwatoba Alabi PhD Oct 2003 Apr 2006
11. Associate Professor IO Mbachu PhD mni May 2006 Oct 2007
12. Senior Lecturer BE Mijah PhD Oct 2007 May 2009
13. Senior Lecturer Moses EU Tedheke M.Sc May 2009 Dec 2011
14. Professor D Oluwatoba Alabi PhD Dec 2011 Oct 2013
15. Associate Professor UA Tar PhD Oct 2013 May 2016
16. Senior Lecturer NA David PhD May 2016 Nov 2017
17. Senior Lecturer NC Lord-Mallam PhD Nov 2017 Nov 2018
18. Senior Lecturer NT Mohammed PhD Nov 2018 Till Date

Department of Political Science and Defence Studies

Nigerian Defence Academy

PMB 2109, Kaduna, Nigeria