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Civil Engineering

Welcome Message

Dr S Ahmed

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to the only Department that ‘Offers Service to Humanity’.  It is a department that is stuffed with highly disciplined, qualified and internationally recognized academics.  Since its establishment in 1998, we have produced a number of competent Officer Engineers for the Nigerian Armed Forces that are doing very well in the various areas of specialization.  So when in Civil Engineering Department, you are at home


Department of Civil Engineering was established in 1998, thirteen (13) years younger than sister departments, and commenced academic training with 49RC Cadets.


The general philosophy of the Civil Engineering programme is to produce graduate military offices with high academic standards, adequate background which will be of immediate value to the needs of the military in particular, industry and nation in general.


1. To achieve above aim, the training of Civil Engineering programme is tailored towards these objectives:

2. Ability to design engineering projects, supervises construction process, operate and maintain such schemes. Investigate and evaluate various Civil Engineering Structures/Projects.

3. Install and maintain Civil Engineering system so that they can perform optimally in peace and war time environment.

4. Adopt and adapt exogenous technology in order to solve local Civil Engineering problems.

5. Provide technical and management leadership for needs of the Armed Forces and professional level.

6. Apply the fundamental principle methods of analysis and design to the development and modification of war like items.

Degree Programme

The Undergraduate programme is a four year programme leading to award of B.Sc (Hons) degree in Civil Engineering.  The programme is organized on course credit system in which the study is broken into modular courses with semester duration. Cadets register modular courses in each of the semesters during which the cadets are given lectures and tutorials, laboratory and workshop practical and undertake individual project at final year.

The process of developing academic curriculum and periodical reviews commence from the department through the Faculty Board, Academic Planing Unit, and Academic Curriculum Committee to Academic Board, whose approval is sent to NUC for clearance.

In all cases, the curriculum must meet the requirements of the National Policy on Education and the minimum benchmark of the NUC and COREN. Competent lecturers are appointed as External Examiners. Experienced lecturers and professors who distinguished themselves in relevant disciplines are often appointed on visiting status to compliment the efforts of the internal academic staff.

Course Outline and  Credit Load

In order to achieve the philosophy and objectives of the programme, the following feature among others are included.

1. Common foundation years 100 and 200 levels for all cadets.

2. Workshop practice, laboratory and industrial visits.

3. Special skills and in-depth study in particular area(s) of the programme through optional courses and lecture series.

4. Adequate knowledge in the areas of Engineering Management and Economics and Law.

5. Adequate knowledge in the Science and Technology of Military Engineering.

6. Adequate knowledge of Social Science issues relevant to the Military in their interaction with the environment and with people in war and peace periods.

Admission and Graduation Policy

Admission into the Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA) is highly competitive considering the Military training and the academic demands. The basic requirements are: Student must be a Nigerian citizen, though foreign students base on bilateral agreement(s) are also admitted.

1. Age must fall within 16 – 19 years.

2. Student must be physically, mentally and medically fit.

3. Student must possess (five) 5 credits pass in appropriate subjects in not more than two sittings in WASCE/NECO including English language and Mathematics/Geography/Technical Drawing.

4. Student must pass the minimum point for JAMB examination

Having above requirements, applicants must processed NDA entrance application form, sit and pass entrance examination after which successful candidates are short listed for the Armed Forces Selection Board (AFSB) interview on quota basis. At the selection process, candidates are made to undergo the following:

1. Medical Examination

2. Physical Training

3. Written Aptitude Test

4. Planning Exercise

5. Oral Interview

For a cadet to qualify for the award of B. Eng. Degree in Civil Engineering, he must have registered for and passed all the prescribe courses and training outlined, and of good character

Academic Staff

S/N Name Qualification Rank
1 Dr.Saminu Ahmed B. Sc M. Eng PhD Senior Lecturer
2 Dr Folagbade OP Oriola B. Sc M. Sc/DIC PhD Assoc Professor
3 Dr. George Moses B. Sc M Sc PhD Assoc Professor
4 Dr Haruna Garba PhD Senior Lecturer
5 R Adm IS Mohammed (rtd) B.Sc M.Sc MIAD Senior Lecturer
6 Dr. Rabia L Batagarawa PGD B. Sc PhD Senior Lecturer
7 Col Ifeanyi Chukwujama (rtd) B. Eng M. Sc PhD Senior Lecturer
8 Dr. Jacob O Afolayan B. Sc M. Sc PhD Senior Lecturer
9  Dr. Haruna Garba B. Sc M. Eng PhD Senior Lecturer
10 Engr. Abdullahi Ibrahim B. Sc M. Eng Lecturer I
11 Engr. J Sani Engbeonye B. Sc M. Eng Lecturer II
12 Engr UN Wilson B.Sc;M.Eng Lecturer II
13 Engr OA Babatunde B.Sc;M.Eng Lecturer II
14 Mr II Hassan B.Sc;M.Eng Lecturer II




S/N Name Qualification Rank
1 Miss Charity Elanu HND Civil (PGD Civil) Assist Chief Technologist
2 Mrs. Juliet E Ikiebe HND Civil Assist Chief Technologist
3 Mal Suleiman I Ibrahim HND Civil Prin. Technologist
4 Mal SaniHaladu HND Civil Prin. Technologist
5 Mr. OC Eze HND Civil Prin. Technologist
6 FlgOffrNasiru Ibrahim HND Civil (PGD) Senior Technologist
7 Mr. FautinusBayang HND Civil (PGD) Senior Technologist I
8 Mr. Joseph K Daji B. Tech Ed Senior Technologist II
9 Mal KabiruBala Ibrahim HND Civil Technologist II
10 Mr KK Mustapha HND Technologist II

Past Heads of Department

1 Engr U Tsoho B.Eng M.Sc MNSE Oct 1998 Oct 2002
2 Dr FOP Oriola B.Sc M.Sc/DIC PhD MNSE Oct 2002 Oct 2004
3 Engr U Tsoho B.Eng M.Sc MNSE Oct 2004 Oct 2006
4 Engr JB Fagoyinbo B.Sc M.Eng FNSE FICEM Oct 2006 Oct 2008
5 Engr U Tsoho B.Eng M.Sc MNSE Oct 2008 Oct 2013
6 Col (Engr) IA Chukwujama (rtd)B.Eng M.Eng MNSE Oct 2013 2017
7 Dr Saminu Ahmed 2017 Till Date

Head of Department

Department of Civil Engineering

Nigerian Defence Academy

Kaduna, Nigeria