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Biological Sciences

Welcome Message

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the Department of Biological Sciences, Nigerian Defence Academy, Kaduna. The Department is manned by a team of experienced academic staff who are at the forefront of teaching and research in their various fields of specialization.The Department runs undergraduate and postgraduate studies in the area of Botany, Microbiology, Biotechnology, Medicinal and Poisonous plant studies and Parasitology.
As you join the Department or wish to do so, be rest assured that you will be meeting a dedicated and hardworking team of academic staff ever ready to impart their best.I wish to express my gratitude to members of academic staff of the Department for their contribution to the progress of the Department. Thank you and God bless.

History of the Department

The Degree programme of Biological Sciences in the NDA commenced in October 1986 with a total of 31 cadets and 5 academic staff.  The Department started with Zoology and Botany. This was followed with the introduction of Biochemistry, Microbiology, Biological Warfare and Biotechnology in 1988, to reflect the requirements of the Nigerian Armed Forces.  In 1989, the academic programme in the Department was expanded with emphasis on Applied Biology in such areas as Parasitology, Hydrobiology, Plant Physiology, Virology, Bacteriology, Applied Biochemistry, Animal Physiology and Genetic Engineering.

As part of the requirement for obtaining a Bachelors Degree in Biological Sciences, the cadets are expected to carry out a final year research project to be defended before an External Examiner, according to the NUC guidelines and regulations.

The Dept produced the first set of graduates in 1990.  In 2005, the department commenced Postgraduate training at the M.Sc and PhD levels. Currently the Department has a total of 25 Academic staff and 18 non-Academic staff.

Degree Programme and Course Description

The undergraduate programme is four year programme leading to award of B.Sc (Hons) degree in Biological Sciences.  The programme is structured into eight semesters for all cadets.  Each cadet is expected to spend this period in the Academy taking lecturers and practicals.  Planned educational visit to industries and research laboratories are organized from  time to time enable cadets appreciate the course better.

The B.Sc programme involves intensive course work of lectures and practicals designed to teach and reinforce theoretical concepts in Biological Sciences.  The courses are grouped as general, core and elective.  All general and core courses are compulsory and must be passed before graduation.

Elective courses are those that will help cadets understanding of the higher level courses and these constitute only a very small percentage of the total credit units registered throughout the programme.


1 Dr Philip A Vantsawa Senior Lecturer B.Sc M.Sc PhD (Animal Sc) Animal Physiology
2 Prof Ethelbert C Kemdirim Professor B.Sc M.Sc Ph.D MFISON MNSDA (Applied Hydro) Hydrobiology & Fisheries
3 Prof Benjamin C Onusiriuka Professor B.Sc M.Sc Ph.D (Hydro/Fish) Hydrobiology & Fisheries
4 Dr Gabriel A Ajibade Assoc Prof B.Sc M.Sc Ph.D (Botany) Botany
6 Dr Chika C Emere Assoc Prof B.Sc M.Sc Ph.D (Fishery) Fisheries
7 Dr YA Umar Associate Professor B.Sc M.Sc PhD (Vet Parasitology) Veterinary Parasitology and Entomology
8 Dr (Mrs) Victoria MY Dan Senior Lecturer B.Sc M.Sc Ph.D (Genetics/Plant Breeding) Cytogenetics & Plant Breeding
9 Dr Mohammed S Abdulsalami Associate Professor B.Sc M.Sc Ph.D (Biochem) Biochemistry
10 Dr Godwin B Onwumere Senior Lecturer B.Sc M.Sc(Environ Bio)Ph.D Plant Ecology Plant Ecology
11 Dr Joseph Appah Senior Lecturer B.Sc M.Phil. (Plant Path) PhD Plant Pathology
12 Dr(Mrs) Nkechi EL Egbe Lecturer I B.Sc M.Sc (Microbio) Microbiology
13 Mal Ali A Haroun Lecturer I B.Sc M.Sc (Microbio) Microbiology
14 Mal Yakubu Magaji Lecturer I B.Sc M.Sc (Plant Breeding) Cytogenetics & Plant Breeding
15 Mrs Deborah M Dibal Lecturer I B.Sc M.Sc (Zoology) Entomology & Parasitology
16 Mrs Karderam B Dikwa Senior Lecturer B.Sc M.Sc (Microbio) Microbiology
17 Mrs Elizabeth O Fatanmi   Asst Lecturer MSc Botany Botany
18 Miss Enimie Endurance Oaikhena Asst Lecturer B.Sc Biochemistry Biochemistry
19 Miss E Kereakede Grad Asst B.Sc M.Sc (Microbio) Microbiology
20 Miss Ada I Oyong Grad Asst B.Sc M.Sc (Microbio) Microbiology


1 Dr GA Ajibade Jan 2009 Jan 2010
2 Dr DB Maikaje Jan 2010 Dec 2011
3 Dr YA Umar Dec 2011 Nov 2012
4 Dr MS Abdulsalami Nov 2012 2017
5 Dr PA Vantsawa 2017 Date

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