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Welcome to Chemistry Department.  A place you can get professional chemists who have the knowledge and skills to create one material or the other from the abundant elements and natural compounds bestowed on humanity by God.  A department where you acquire the profession that have contributed immensely in improving the quality of lives by being the foundation on which technology development in the field of medicine, engineering, agriculture and food industry in built


The Department

Chemistry Department of the NDA was established in the year the Academy was upgraded to the university status.  Cadets in the department receive training that will lead to the award of a Bachelor degree in Chemistry.

Our Training

1.Provide cadets with a solid base of chemical knowledge and skills that are required for postgraduate studies and research.

2.Provide cadets with knowledge in diverse areas of chemistry such as explosive, analytical, food and drugs, nuclear energy, petrochemical, metallurgical chemistry and chemical warfare.

3.Build in cadets a culture of continuing enquiry.

Our Lecturers

The department has competent lecturers who specialized in different areas of chemistry.  To ensure effective and efficient practical training, the department has equipped laboratories that are with well-trained Lab staff. The Head of the Department (HOD) oversees the day to day running of the the department.

Admission Requirements

Entry requirement in the Academy are as follows:

A minimum of five (5) Credits in not more than two (2) sittings which must include Chemistry, English, Mathematics and any two (2) of the following:  Physics, Biology and Geography.  Candidates must be medically and physically fit and must be of good moral character.   HE or SHE must be single, between the ages of 16 – 19 years and not less than 1.58 meters tall at the time of entry into Academy .In addition, candidate must pass the Nigerian Defence Academy Entrance Examination and successful in NDA selection exercise.

Degree Programme

The Undergraduate programme a is four year programme leading to award of B.Sc (Hons) degree in Chemistry.  The programme is structured into eight semesters for all cadets. .  Each cadet is expected to spend this period in the Academy taking lectures and practicals. Planned educational visit to industries and research laboratories are organized from time to time to enable cadets appreciate the course better

The B.Sc programme involves intensive course work of lectures and practicals designed to teach and reinforce theoretical concepts in chemistry.  The courses are grouped as general, core and elective.  All general and core courses are compulsory and must be passed before graduation.

Electives courses are those that will help cadets understanding of the higher level courses and these constitute only a very small percentage of the total credit units registered throughout the programme.


The objectives of the undergraduate programme are to:

1.Provide Officers with a balanced academic curriculum of study applicable to the operational needs of the Armed Forces of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

2.Produce Officers who can contribute meaningfully to the research and developmental efforts of the Armed Forces of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

3.To ensure competence in their chosen fields of study through the acquisition of relevant skills.


Admission Requirement

The criteria for admission requirements into Master Programme (M.Sc.) will be as follows:

1. All candidates must have five credit passes including English, Mathematics and two other relevant science subject at ‘O’ Level.

2. Candidate with Bachelor’s degrees from an approved university must obtain a minimum of second class lower division with a CGPA of 3.0/5.0 for an academic programme.

3. Candidate with at least a third class degree or HND and NDA PGD with CGPA of 3.5/5.0 may be considered for admission into academic Master’s degree programmes.

4. Holders of foreign degree certificate must have a minimum of 2 degree classification


Master’s Degree

The M.Sc programme is a two year programme leading to the award of Master Degree in the specific area of Chemistry. The admission is open to both military and civilians. The M.Sc courses offered are :

1. Material Science & Explosive                                              chem dept

2. Analytical Chemistry

3. Organic Chemistry

Graduation Requirements

To be awarded a Master’s degree, candidate must pass a minimum of 30  credit units made up as follows:

1. Core courses of 24 credit units, including the general courses, projects, and seminars.

2. Elective courses of 6 credit units

3. A student shall present at least one seminar, submit and defend a Thesis proposal. A student for Professional Master’s degree programme shall present a project report and a seminar which may be defended.

4. A student for an Academic Master’s degree programme shall carry out research in a relevant area of specialozation and submit an acceptable theses (six credit units compulsory) which must be defended before a panel of external and internal examiners


Admission Requirements

Basic admission requirements for Doctoral programme are:

1. All candidate must have five credit passes including English, Mathematics and two science subject at ‘O’ Level.

2. Candidate with Bachelor’s degree from NDA and any approved university must obtain a minimum of second class lower division

3. Candidate in addition to a B.Sc. degree must have Master degree in relevant areas with a CGPA of 4.0/5 and thesis score not lower than 60 %(B)

4. All candidate must demonstrate adequate intellectual capacity, maturity and effective decision making and problem solving potentials

Doctorate Degree

The Ph.D programme is a three year programme leading to award of Doctor of Philosophy in a specific area of chemistry and the admission is open to both military and civilian who fulfill the requirement for the admission.

Graduation Requirements

To be awarded a Ph.D degree , candidate must pass a minimum of 24 credit units including 15 credit units of theses with a minimum pass of B grade.

The maximum credit required shall be made up as follows:

1. Core courses of 9 credits unit (seminar presentation, mini projects & term papers)

2. Elective courses of 4 credit units in specialized courses not offered by the student at Mastes’ degree level, such as Explosives, Chemical Warfare, Corrosion Chemistry, Chemistry & Emerging Technologies etc. (If Required)

3. A student shall carry out research in relevant areas of specialization and submit an acceptable thesis (15 credit units compulsory)

4. A student shall present at least three seminars, submit and defend a thesis before a departmental PG Board and an External Examiner and Assessor

Meet our Technical Team
Academic Staff
S/N Name Rank Qualifications/University/ Area of Specialization
1 Assoc Prof Mohammed D Faruruwa Assoc Prof BSc(BUK) MSc(ABU) PhD(BUK)  Analytical Chemistry
2 Prof Jonathan M Nwaedozie Prof BSc(Unilag) MSc(Unilag) PhD(Unilag)  Analytical Physical/Organic Chemistry
3 Prof Sunday O Okeniyi Prof BSc(ABU) MSc(ABU) PhD(ABU)  Applied Chemistry
4 Prof Labaran Salihu Prof BSc(ABU) MSc(BUK) PhD(BUK)  Organic Chemistry
5 Prof (Mrs)Oluwayemisi A Babatunde Prof BSc(UI) MSc(UI) PhD(ABU)  Analytical in Organic Chemistry
6 Assoc Prof Yau Mohammed Assoc Prof BSc(BUK) MSc(BUK) PhD(BUK)  Analytical Chemistry
7 Assoc Prof (Mrs) Adetutu O Aliyu Assoc Prof BSc(Uniben) MSc(OOU) PhD(Uniabj)  Inorganic Industrial Chemistry
8 Assoc Prof Saidu Garba Assoc Prof BSc(UDUS) MSc(UDUS) PhD(NDA)  Organic Chemistry
9 Dr(Mrs) Modupe M Adeyemi Snr Lecturer BSc(ABU) MSc(ABU) PhD(ABU)  Organic Chemistry
10 Dr Peter E Omale Snr Lecturer BSc(ABU) MSc(ABU) PhD(NDA)  Analytical Chemistry
11 Dr M Namadi Muktar Snr Lecturer BSc(UDUS) MSc(ATBU) PhD(NDA)  Analytical Chemistry
12 Mal Kabiru Ado Lecturer I BSc(BUK) MSc(ATBU)  Organic Chemistry
13 Dr FE Awe Lect I BSc(ABU) MSc(ABU) PhD(ABU) Physical Chemistry
14 Cdre David D Nabaida (Rtd) Lecturer I Contract staff BSc(BUK) MSc(ABU)  Environmental Management
15 Sgt Andrew Ngokat Asst Lect BSc(ABU) MSc(ABU)  Soil Chemistry
16 Capt OA Olawuyi Asst Lecturer BSc(UI) Msc(UI) Analytical Chemistry
17 Maj OA Babarinde Ast Lecturer BSc(UI) MSc(UI) Analytical Chemistry
18 Mrs Habiba A Otaru Asst Lect BSc(ABU) MSc(NDA) Analytical Chemistry
19 Mal El-Yakub Grad Asst BSc(ABU) Material Chemistry
20 Zainab Hussaina Ibrahim Grad Asst BSc(UDUS) Organic Chemistry

1 OG Ohworuka Chief Technologist
2 Mrs B Ihesiaba Asst Chief Tech
3 Mrs Patricia Umoru Senior Technologist
4 Aliyu S Okaraga Technologist I
5 YakubuDanjuma Technologist II
6 Daniel O Ahmedu SnrAsst Tech
7 O Abdulrazaq Lab Supervisor
8 Idris Musa Lab Supervisor
9 Mrs F Effiong Snr Lab Asst

1 Mrs Eyitayo Elijah Prin Con Sec II
2 Florence Edeh Senior Store Offr
3 Mrs Christy Bikom HEO Acct
5i YakubuAlabi Senior Sec Asst I
5 Mrs Christy Samuel Chief Clerical Offr
6 Mohammed Jibril Head Messenger
7 Mrs J Braimoh Head Cleaner
8 Mrs Aisha Imola Cleaner I
9 Mrs E Edache Cleaner I
10 Mrs Rashidat Raimi Cleaner I


1 DR SK OKWUTE 01 OCT 85 30 SEP 90
2 DR WOS DOHERTY 01 OCT 95 30 JUN 90
3 DR II SADA 01 JUL 91 31 DEC 92
5 MAJ PE OHUNYO 20 JAN 94 27 FEB 95
6 DR II SADA 20 FEB 95 30 SEP 95
7 COL SK ONI 01 OCT 98 30 SEP 98
8 DR JM NWAEDOZIE 30 NOV 98 30 SEP 2000
9 DR E KARU 01 OCT 2000 30 SEP 2002
10 DR L SALIHU 01 OCT 2002 30 SEP 2004
12 DR SO OKENIYI 01 OCT 2006 01 OCT 2007
13 ASSOC PROF SO OKENIYI 01 OCT 2006 01 OCT 2007
14 DR Y MOHAMMED 01 OCT 2008 07 FEB 2011
15 DR OA BABATUNDE 08 FEB 2011 30 SEP 2011
17 BRIG GEN SZ KAZUARE 08 FEB 2013 30 DEC 2015

Department of Chemistry
Nigerian Defence Academy
Afaka, Kaduna.