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Computer Science

Welcome Message

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to the Department of Computer Science.The Department is supported by a team of highly professional and committed academic and non-academic staff, our staff are well trained and motivated.

Brief History of the Department







The Department is one of the five Departments that makeup the Faculty of Science of the Nigerian Defence Academy, Kaduna. The Department was created in 1997 with the pioneer 49RC (regular course) cadets. In 2005, the Department was merged with the Department of Mathematics; and renamed Department of Mathematics and Computer Science. The present Department came into existence as a result of the decoupling of the former Department of Mathematics and Computer Science in 2013. The department runs programmes leading to the award of the following degrees/certificate:

a. BSc in Computer Science

b. Postgraduate Diploma in Computer Science (PGDCS)

c. MSc in Computer Science

d. PhD in Computer Science

The Department is working tirelessly to ensure continuous improvement of existing courses and programmes, while building new ones as demanded by the exigencies of a fast-changing world.


Computer technology has had a profound effect on our society, the world and most especially in the area of security in the military. Every cadet needs comprehensive knowledge with this technology and its consequences in the military. Because the details of this technology change from day to day, keeping up with those details is difficult and often unproductive. Therefore the study of the subject must concentrate on the fundamental scientific principles and concepts of the field. The cadets are developed to meet the challenges of military work as professional software and hardware engineers.

The curriculum of Computer Science BSc. emphasizes the art, science, engineering and technology of computing and information systems. Cadets are made to enrol for core courses in Computer Science, Information Science, Electronics, Physics and Mathematics.


Within a few years of graduating with a BSc. degree in Computer Science, our cadets will demonstrate that they have:

1. The ability to design, implement, and analyze computational systems;

2. The capability to tackle complex computer science related problems as regards to Military;

3. Contributed towards the advancement of computing science and technology;

4. The capacity to work effectively with peers in computational tasks;

5. Cognizance of ethical, social, and legal issues pertaining to computer science;

6. Apply a variety of fundamental algorithm design techniques to computational problems.

Departmental Laboratory

The Department has a functional computer laboratory which is currently undergoing modernization and being upgraded with full ICT-driven computer equipment to meet the teaching and research needs of the computersdepartment.

Departmental Library

The Department has a moderately equipped library at present. But in addition efforts are under way to establish a functional e-library and a virtual library.  The Department along with the Academy would be able to put in place ICT facilities that would enable the conduct of examinations on line for both the post graduate and undergraduate programmes.

Academy Library

The Academy Library is well-stocked with resources that are relevant to Computer Science.  The Academy is acquiring more volumes to improve the library’s holding. The Library is managed by trained subject and general librarians. Cadets are encouraged to patronise the Academy Library in all their individual and group assignments and seminar preparations.

Academy Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Centre

The Academy recently established a state-of-the-art Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Centre. The Centre is stocked with technologies and e-resources that are vital to meet NDA’s strategic and institutional needs. Staff and cadets are encouraged to make optimum utilisation of the services that are provided by the ICT Centre.

Degree Programme

This is a four year programme fully accredited by the National Universities Commission (NUC). The programme conforms with NUC Benchmark and Minimum Academic Standards (BMAS) for Computer Science.

 Objectives of the Programme

Since the inception of the Computer Science Programme, the programme has undergone considerable review and structuring both in scope and contents.The present programme has been drawn to meet the requirement of the NUC’s approved Minimum Academic Standards, and the National Policy on Education. It has also been designed to:

1. Provide training in the principles of Computer Science and their application to the type of degree programme concerned – political economy, defence, security, peace studies, public administration and international relations.

2. Stimulate the students intellectually through the programme in such a way that they appreciate the various facets of social problems.

3. Provide a solid foundation of knowledge about the working of society and its institutions and develop the skills for the constructive use of such knowledge.

4. Develop in students the ability to apply the knowledge to the resolution of societal problems and conflicts.

5. Develop in students the skills and competence that would allow them to be self-reliant and dynamic players in the scheme of things.

6. Provide the students with necessary skills for studying and analysing society.

7. Provide the students with the skill-base from which they can proceed to higher studies in Computer Science, defence, peace and security studies.

Imbue the students with a deep appreciation of the technological changes and the impact of this on wider socio-economic development and societal well being.

Student Admission and Graduation Policy

Admission: Admission into the Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA) is highly competitive considering the Military training and the academic demands. The basic requirements are:

1. Student must be a Nigerian citizen, though foreign students based on bilateral agreement(s) are also admitted.

2. Age must fall within 16-19 years.

3. Student must be physically, mentally and medically fit.

4. Student must possess (five) 5 credits pass in appropriate subjects in not more than two sittings in WASCE/NECO including English language and Mathematics. Other three (3) subjects are Physics, Chemistry and Further – Mathematics/Geography/Technical Drawing.

5. Student must pass the minimum point for JAMB examination.

Having above requirements, applicants must processed NDA entrance application form, sit and pass entrance examination after which successful candidates are short listed for the Armed Forces Selection Board (AFSB) interview on quota basis. At the selection process, candidates are made to undergo the following:

1. Medical Examination

2. Physical Training

3. Written Aptitude Test

4. Planning Exercise

5. Oral Interview

The minimum duration of the course is four years.

Academic Staff

S/N Name Rank Qualification Specialization
1. Dr PO Odion Snr Lect/HOD BSc| MSc| PhD Software Engineering/Software Project Management.
2. Prof EA Onibere (Visiting Lecturer) Prof BSc| MSc| PhD Software Engineering
3. Prof Francisca Ogwueleka Prof BSc| MSc|PhD Big data and Cloud Security
4. Dr ME Irhebhude Snr Lect BSc| MSc| PhD Computing Vision and Image Processing.
5. Dr. AE Evwiekpaefe Snr Lect BSc |MSc|PhD Software Engineering/Ecommerce/Mobile Computing/Algorithms and Data Structure.
6. Mr DT Chinyio Lect I BSc| MSc Networking Statistical Computing/Artificial Intelligence.
7. Mr FE Ekpenyong Lect I BSc|MSc Artificial Intelligence/Programming/ Database Management.
8. Mrs JA Okpo Lect I BSc|MSc Software Engineering.
9. Miss F Ajakaiye Lect II BSc|MSc Graphics and Visualization.
10. Mrs HK Etsu-Ndagi Lect II BSc|MSc Software Engineering/Database Management System/Cyber Security and Computer Forensics
11. Mr CO Uwa Lect II BSc|MSc Data Communication and Networking
12. Capt Mohammed Z Haruna M Lect II BSc; PGD; MSc Database mgt system; internet tech; software Eng; networking
13 Mr  MM Isa Grad Asst BSc Networking
14 Mrs AO Kolawaole Grad Asst BSc Database Management System

Senior Non-Academic Staff (Technical)

S/N Name Rank Qualification
1. Mr S Mojeed Senior System Engineer BEng| PGD
2. Mr MB Sa’I System Analyst/Progr I HND

Past Heads of Department

S/N Rank Name Date(s)
1. Sqr Ldr SU Chinda 1997 – 1998
2. Lt Col AO Uwadia 1998 – 1999
3. Mr P Onokegbabe 1999 – 2000
4. Sqr Ldr SU Chinda (Rtd) 2000 – 2000
5. Dr SC Osuala 2000 – 2002
6. Mr DT Chinyio 2002 – 2005
7. Capt(NN) MO Oladejo 2007 – 2008
8. Assoc Prof SC Osuala 2007 – 2008
9. Dr KB Yuguda 2008 – 2011
10. Prof SC Osuala 2011 – 2011
11. Capt (NN) MO Oladejo 2011 – 2013
12. Assoc Prof KB Yuguda 2013 – 2015
13. Dr PO Odion 2015 –Date

Department of Computer Science

Nigerian Defence Academy

PMB 2109, Kaduna, Nigeria