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Welcome Message

 It is my pleasure to welcome you to the Department of Physics, Nigerian Defence Academy, Kaduna. The Department is manned by a team of experienced academic staff who are at the forefront of teaching and research in their various fields of specialization. As you join the Department or wish to do so, be rest assured that you will be meeting a dedicated and hardworking team of academic staff ever ready to impart their best.I wish to express my gratitude to members of academic staff of the Department for their contribution to the progress of the Department. Thank you and God bless.

 History of the Department

The department of Physics was established in 1985 and runs a programme, which leads to the award of a B.Sc (Hons) degree in Physics. The objective of the programme is to produce military officers with a sound and broad knowledge in Physics as relevant to the military.

A commissioned officer with a B.Sc. degree in Physics has diverse prospects in sensitive areas of military set-up such as Engineering, Instrumentation, Communication, Meteorology, Material Science, Electronics, etc. Such an officer could also pursue higher/professional degrees either in Physics or in any of the above-mentioned related areas of Physics from any recognized institution.

Because of these diverse interests, the undergraduate programme in Physics has been designed to impact basic knowledge in the fundamentals of the main branches of experimental and theoretical Physics. In addition to offering an opportunity of acquaintance with some of the extensions and applications of Physics and its connections with other disciplines as a basis for a contemplated career, it also offers, within the Academy itself, opportunities for concentration in atmospheric sciences, meteorology, electronics and instrumentation, Nuclear science and engineering physics for those who are primarily interested in these applications of Physics that find ready use in military service. There is also a very strong Theoretical/Mathematical Physics programme. The officers produced by the department are expected to apply their knowledge of Physics in the technological advancement of the nation’s defense system.

Academic Programmes

The Department of Physics offers both undergraduate programme leading to the award of B.Sc in Physics and a postgraduate programme leading to award of Master of Science (M.Sc) and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) in the following areas:

  • Theoretical Physics
  • Solid State Physics
  • Nuclear and Radiation Physics

Objectives Of the Degree Programme

Since the inception of the physics Department, the programmes have undergone considerable review and structuring both in scope and contents.
The present programme has been drawn to meet the requirement of the National Universities Commission (NUC) approved Minimum Academic Standards, and the National Policy on Education. It has also been designed to:

  • Produce officers who are knowledgeable in the areas of Physics and information technology required for the understanding and mastery of military science and technology.
  • Provide officer cadets with a balanced academic curriculum of study with a view to the application and operational needs of the armed forces of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.
  • Produce officers who can contribute meaningfully to the research and development efforts of the armed forces of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.
  •  To ensure competence in their chosen fields of study through the acquisition of relevant skills.

NUC Bench Mark and Minimum Academic Standards

Nomenclature for the Degree Programmes and the Degrees in View:
The benchmark statement is in respect of the Bachelor of Science Degree with Honours, or “Pass” degree in Physics:

Basic Admission Requirements and Expected Duration of Course

The entry requirements shall be, at least, credit level passes in English Language, Mathematics and Physics with two other credit level passes from Chemistry, Agric. Science Biology, Further Mathematics, Statistics, Technical Drawing and Geography at Senior School Certificate level or General Certificate of Education O’Level in maximum of two sittings. The minimum duration of the course is four years.

Philosophy,Major Aims and Objectives Of  the Degree Programmes

The purpose, aims and objectives of Bachelor DegreeProgramme in Physics are:

  • To provide cadets with a broad and balanced foundation of physics knowledge and practical skills.
  • To instill in cadets a sense of enthusiasm for physics, an appreciation of its applications in different contexts.
  • To involve the cadets in intellectually simulating and satisfying experience of learning and studying.
  • To develop in cadets ability to apply their knowledge and skills in Physics to the solution of theoretical and practical problems.
  • To develop in cadets through an education in physics, a range of transferable skills in Physics,which may be relevant other areas.
  • To provide cadets with knowledge and skills for further studies in Physics or multi-disciplinary areas involving physic.


S/N Name Rank Qualifications/University/Year Area of Specialization
1 Dr Godwin J Ibeh Snr Lect BSc(ABU)1990 MSc(ABU)2000 PhD(ATBU)2015  Theoretical Physics
2   Prof Mohammed Y Onimisi Prof BSc(BUK)2001 MSc(BUK)1994 PhD(ABU)2006  Solid State Physics
3  Prof SA Jonah Prof (Visiting) BSc(Unilorin)1983 MSc(ABU)1988 PhD(ABU)1995 Nuclear Physics
4  Prof AN Kutigi Prof (Visiting) BSc(UDUS)1984 MSc(ABU)1987 PhD(ABU)2007 Nuclear Physics
5 Assoc Prof Haruna Ali Assoc Prof BSc(BUK)1994 MSc(BUK)1999 PhD(BUK)2010   Acoustics/Solid State Physics
6   Dr Sadiq G Abdu Snr Lect (Visiting) BSc(BUK)1992 MSc(BUK)2007 PhD(BUK)2012 Solid State Physics
7  SSgt RU Ugbe Lect II BSc(Unical)1996 MSc(BUK)2007   Theoretical Physics
8 Dr John Agomuo Lecturer I BSc(Unical)1998 MSc(UI)2007 PhD(UK)2015 Atomic Physics
9 Mr Alex B Bature Lecturer II BSc(Futmin)1996 MSc(ABU)2007 Electronics
10 Dr Alhassan Shaibu Lecturer II BSc(BUK)2006 MSc(NDA)2011 PhD(Malaysia)2016  Solid State Physics
11 Dr OO Ige Lect II PhD Physics
12 Dr MN Agu Prof PhD Physics
13 Mrs Hauwa Kulu Shuaibu Asst Lect BSc;Msc Physics
14 Capt RA Tafida Lect II BSc(BUK) MSc(Unilorin) Meteorological Physics

Chronicle of Heads of  Department

S/N Rank Name From To
1. PhD Dr. EJ Uwah Sep 1985 Aug 1988
2. M.Sc Mr. VN Udeh; Sep 1988 Aug 1989
3. PhD Dr. CO Adegoke; Sep 1989 Sep 1990
4. PhD Dr. MN Agu; Oct 1990 Oct 1995
5. M.Sc Col KO Ogunkoya; Oct 1995 Aug 1996
6. M.Sc Mr. EF Oyidi; Aug 1996 Oct 1998
7. PhD Asso. Prof MN Agu; Oct 1998 Oct 2000
8. M.Sc Capt (NN) JJ Owonubi; Oct 2000 Aug 2001
9. M.Sc Mr. CO Ibimidun; Aug 2001 Sep 2002
10. PhD Prof MN Agu; Oct 2002 Sep 2003
11. PhD Dr. PO Akusu Oct 2003 Sep 2005
12 M.Sc Mr. CO Ibimidun; Oct 2005 Sep 2006
13 PhD Dr. PO Akusu;   Oct 2006 Sep 2007
14 PhD Dr. MY Onimisi Oct 2007 Oct 2012
15 PhD Dr. H Ali Oct 2012 Nov 2015
16. PhD Assoc Prof MY Onimisi Nov 2015 2017
17. PhD Dr GJ Ibeh 2017 Till Date

Department of  Physics
Nigerian Defence Academy,
Afaka, Kaduna