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General Studies

Welcome to Directorate of General Studies

The General Studies Directorate is tasked principally to manage the NUC mandated and other required institutional courses, which run from 100L-300L and even Postgraduate Studies. GST courses were predicated on the Ideals of building well-grounded personalities having wide knowledge of the world around them, good understanding of various aspects of human affairs, and of the environment.The aim of the Directorate is to have cadets and students that are prepared for a pragmatic and meaning full integration into the larger society.

Our Goals

The goals of the Directorate are to satisfy expectations which include the following:

  • The Management of NUC mandated courses with a guiding philosophy centred on the preparation of cadets for service in Military career.
  • To contribute to making NDA PG education Unique by offering few courses that could lead to better public awareness of the functions and responsibilities of the Armed Forces.
  • ┬áTo contribute to the basket of IGR sources through workshops, short courses and promotion of intellectual/educational discourse.

Workshop and Short Courses are conducted for Consultancy in the following areas:

  • Project Supervision
  • Language, Communication, Translations
  • Research Methodology
  • Basic Skills Training
    • Stenography
    • office technology
    • Office Management and
    • Office Technology
  • Human Resource Management
  • Writing Skills:
    • Academic
    • Public
    • Official
    • Report

Basic Academic Skills Training

  • Observation
  • Literature search
  • Results Presentation
  • Phone, Calculator Handling

Directorate of General Studies, NDA
PMB 2109, Kaduna.
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Phone: 08121670168 09039152980